Diary – A New Walk

Monday 26th September 2022

Tuesday 13th September we found a different place to walk called Brock Valley

We didn’t do the whole walk, it would have been far too much for me. We just took things slowly, stopping along the way to let Toby have a play in the stream

Toby loves water! If you put the washing up bowl on the floor he would be in it!

We have to coax Toby out the water with a treat to carry on with our walk.

Walking on the riverbank, Hubby spotted a couple of little birds flitting across the water. I zoom in with my camera

It’s a couple of little Waggtails.

I think they where teasing me!

Landing then taking off at speed, darting over the water, stopping only for a short time before flying off, I had to be so quick!

Quick is not the best attribute I have now, however I did manage to capture a photo of the little fella.

We walk further down stream passing other dog walkers on the woodland trail, all which seemed friendly, nice smiley faces, a nod of the head or a good morning as we pass.

The dogs of course greet one another with a sniff and a waggy tail before being led away by their leads.

We pass bridges, man made tree swings.

Such a peaceful place, where the butterflies float gently passed

Birds can be heard high up in the tree tops as they serenade us with their beautiful song.

A quick glims of a Robin before he flew away into the hedgerow.

Hubby suggests we turn around as we had been walking for quite a while…I always forget, I have the same distance to walk again to get back to where I started.

As we look at our watches, we realise it’s nearly lunchtime, so decision made, we head off back towards the car.

A quick stop down by the river to have a quick cup of tea from our flask and also to let Toby have one last quick play.

Little did Toby know he was actually having a quick bath to wash his muddy paws before getting in the car!

Time to go…Well that was a lovely way to pass the morning.

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