Diary – Gauntlet – Part 1

Tuesday September 27th 2022

On Thursday September 15th, Hubby and I had a lovely day out at the Gauntlet.

This lovely place was recommended to me by a fellow photographer

I didn’t really know what to expect as it was my first visit.

I tell you something if you are interested in bird of prey, you won’t be disappointed!

We arrived around 11am, had a quick walk around the lovely garden centre situated on the same car park…if truth be known I needed the loo and we could see the toilets where situated right at the entrance!

We then sat in the car eating our lunch and enjoying a flying display. It was the metal birds of the sky that was flying over and distracting us.

Looked like we was on the flight path to Manchester airport!

So we sat eating lunch, watching planes as they made their decent into Manchester Airport.

As we pack our picnic lunch away, a little Robin lands on the nearby fence. I was surprised to see any small birds around the birds of prey and vulture park.

We enter in to the reception area, where we are greeted by a lovely friendly young man, he explained everything about the park and also the times of the shows, good job hubby is with me, because I wouldn’t have remembered everything.

We walk around some of the caged birds, when an announcement comes over the speakers. “Make your way to the main viewing area, where the first show of the day will begin in 5 minutes”

Woo the excitement starts to build, I’m like a child in a sweet shop! Nearly skipping my way to the main viewing area.

We sit on the wooden benches patiently waiting for the show to begin, luckily for us it was a quiet day so not many visitors, which will make viewing so much better.

The first show is the Vultures.

One of the vultures sat on the bench right in front of us. What an experience to be so close to such a characterful bird.

I was in my element as he takes flight, landing here and there, picking up food from the floor. Then walking with a stoop as he wobbles around looking for more tasty treats.

The vulture was definitely not what I expected…He was so full of character.

The handler is explaining all about the vultures. Im not very good at retaining all the information, especially whilst I take photographs, I can’t multitask!

It’s one or the other and the urge to get as many photos as possible takes over, rather than using my listening skills.

So sorry not much information retained!

Only plenty of photos!

After the wonderful display from the vulture, we have 30 minutes to spare before the next show, time for a quick wander around.

Not only birds, a few other characters around.

We spotted some goats who where super friendly and made a beeline for the fence as soon as we approached, didn’t look that impressed when it was time for us to leave! I think they may have been expecting food!

As we wandered further into the Gauntlet, I was surprised that some of the birds wasn’t caged.

Wow! This makes it so much better to take photos. Getting a camera through wire fencing is not an easy task!

I shall end my blog here as it’s now time for the next show.

Watch out for tomorrows blog. Part 2 of The Gauntlet.

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