Diary – Gauntlet Part -2

Wednesday September 28th 2022

At 12.25 a call over the speaker system that the next show is about to start. We make our way back to the main viewing area with excitement.

This next viewing is a flying display or was it the meet and greet…Woo can’t quite remember now, which ever it was I was certainly captivated as the birds as they enter the viewing area

My head turning this way and that way…I’m making my self dizzy.

The thing with birds you never know when they will change direction, so when the owl swooped through the wooden benches it was definitely a wow moment.

I tried my best to capture a video, but the owl was far to quick for me to prepare and compose myself.

After the owl came the Red Legged Seriema, who had the loudest call ever as he tossed and shook the rubber snake trying to kill his prey.

Then we had more vultures.

Did you know that the Griffon Vulture holds the record for being the highest flying bird at over 30,000ft. Wow!

Then we had a very cute pole cat, whom we got to stroke. I must say his fur coat was very coarse! I imagines a silky soft fur, he was a little smelly too!

A display from the Bald Eagle after he had finished ripping a fish head to pieces.

Now I loves this guy pictured below, a very colourful, comical character indeed, he is a Bateleur Eagle, bateleur’ in french means ‘tightrope walker’, they get this name because of their distinctive aerial acrobatics.

Just so many birds of prey where brought out on display…Absolutely amazing!

Little did I know the best was yet to come.

The last show of the day was a truly amazing experience.

I have never experienced anything like it.

I found it quite overwhelming, but in a good way, as my eyes leaked with so much happiness…What a memory…Such a special moment…What a wonderful day!

I found this short video below on YouTube, gives you a little taste of the gauntlet.

One thing for sure, a trip to the Gauntlet is noisy and thrilling, you may even rub shoulders or have your head skimmed, by the feathered Gauntlet family.

It’s is just a truly amazing experience!

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