Diary – Fuzz Bomb or is it?

Thursday 6th October 2022

The fuzz, the fog, the mist. What ever people call a bad day, when that curtain of fog just descends!

Hubby calls it the fuzz bomb when Im having a foggy day.

On Friday 30th September, I woke not feeling quite like myself, couldn’t put my finger on what it was. My head was a little strange, but my body felt different too. I was a little foggy but this was a different kind of fog.

Toby looking at me with those sad brown eyes, the ones that immediately tell me he really wants to be outdoors. I see the sky turning red, that’s my cue to get my camera and go walking.

I’m not as enthusiastic this morning, definitely something is missing, I wonder if I’m just a little anxious with the travelling and visiting that is taking place today.

I really don’t know, can’t quite put my finger on it!

We reach the Nature reserve…Wow! What a stunning sky.

As I start to walk, my legs feel as though they don’t want to move. They feel heavy with every step I take I realise my whole body is aching, even my fingers!

I walk slowly take a few photos, then realise I’m not feeling very well at all.

I can’t leave without feeding my feathered friends, so it’s over the trip trap bridge to be swooped by seagulls, as they skim my head…Im sort of used to that now, it doesn’t even faze me!

I leave feeling deflated as I couldn’t do my walk, also because I don’t feel well…I’m the worlds worst patient…I hate feeling poorly!

I look back to take one last photo before I leave, the sky has lost its vibrant red colours, now changing to calmer shades of pink and orange.

Just as I am getting in the car I can see the kestrel hovering in the distance, no energy to walk nearer to try and capture a clearer photo. I just snap and leave.

Home…it’s a real effort to take off my dog walking clothes, I feel rubbish!

Have I got the energy to travel and visit today?

I decide to take a covid test to be on the safe side, can’t be too careful when seeing our parents.

To my shock it’s positive!

No not the covid!

I should have been having my booster this weekend!

Oh well at least I know why I am feeling so rubbish!

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