Diary – Half Term

Tuesday 1st November 2022

School holidays…time to have fun!

As all of our Grandchildren are now in school or nursery, when school holidays come around it’s always nice to see them if they are not off on holiday.

Monday 24th October my daughter and her friend made a surprise visit, childless as my 2 oldest grandsons where spending time with their Dad doing Dad things.

Me, my daughter and her friend spent a good few hours chatting or should I say my daughter did! She is a chatty one!

Then again we don’t see each other every day, so when we do get together, there’s always lots to talk about.

After a good few hours I’m all talked out, it was time for my daughter to leave.

Hugs all round before they head off for home.

Tuesday my other daughter had arranged to meet me and hubby in the park at 10am with grandchildren in tow.

It was a beautiful day, I don’t think any of us was expecting it to be so warm.

We all walked through the park chatting and playing with the two boys.

It had rained quite heavily throughout the night, so there was lots of muddy puddles around…just great for splashing in

The boys where in their element, park, mud and chocolate from grandma

Adam the oldest of the two, was very brave and climbed high up on the ropes, with a little assistance from grandad.

While Zach loved the leaves and the trees

Grandad had lots of fun too

We had a very fun packed morning and was certainly ready for some lunch to top up our energy levels.

After lunch we had a short play on the beach

Where Toby could join in with the fun.

One boy and one dog having so much fun together 💙

Time always goes so quickly when having fun.

The boys where exhausted, and so was I.

It was time for them to head off home until next time.

Happy memories of the day captured on camera and the imprints of sticky fingers left behind 💙💙

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