Diary – The Windmill

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

On Sunday October 23rd me and hubby set off to visit our local Windmill.

Marsh Mill windmill was built in 1794 by Ralph Slater. He was a Fylde Millwright.

This big old mill still houses all the original working and definitely has a wow factor.

The windmill is only open to the public on odd occasions now and It just happened that I had seen something on Facebook. It was open on Sunday for a few hours.

I couldn’t remember the exact times, so we set off just on the off chance we would be lucky with our timing.

As luck had it there was a guided tour just starting, quickly my purse is out to pay our fee, camera around my neck and off we go!

A lovely man explaining all there was to know about the windmill and the surrounding area.

Marsh Mill was a working windmill. It was a gristmill, one which grinds grain to flour. It produced wheat flour for bread, crushed barley for animal feed, rye flour and oatmeal.

This was a working mill until 1922.

A floor by floor tour, from the basement where the kiln would be right to the very top.

I didn’t realise how many floors they would be.

On another level they would dry out the grain

I was finding the whole experience so interesting

The climb was not so exciting!

That was an experience in itself.

The steps where so steep! It wasn’t the going up that was bothering me it was the coming down…Steps and my dementia are not a good combination.

Me and hubby do have a great system in place for steps, hubby goes first. I then place my hands on his shoulders and we go slowly slowly down each step. Works well, because I can’t see all the steps, I don’t go dizzy and feel like I’m going to fall down a steep slope.

After the 2nd set of the old wooden steps I was struggling a little to say the least. In my head I’m telling myself “ come on Gail you can do this!”

I did eventually make it to the top of this wonderful big old Windmill, which stands 70ft tall

The coming back down was very interesting.

The steps where so steep, it was advised that we turn around and come down backwards! In a way that was easier.

I took my time, hubby guiding me through the decent of every single step. I did not dare to turn around!

I found it so amazing that the old wooden floor was still intact, taking the weight of all the big metal cogs and the large round stones that was used for grinding.

The noise from the movement of the belts and cogs was quite therapeutic, synchronised and repetitive as the big old cogs turned the sails.

The floor did move quite a lot with every turn, making me wonder if the floor was safe!

It was a weird feeling when you looked through the window watching the big red sail pass by, with the floor vibrating under your feet.

I can’t remember how long the actual tour was, or everything that was said.

The main thing was, I was glad I took the tour because I enjoy every single minute!

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