Diary – Sundown

Thursday 3rd November 2022

Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd November I was so excited to come face to face with the producer and director of a film that will be produced called Sundown

As this is their last year at University for these two guys this film is of great importance.

Why am I involved?

The film is about early onset dementia, so Gabe and Harry have been in contact with me for some months now. Collecting information on how I live my life with my sidekick, how I stay positive and all the things I do to live as well as I can.

It’s a very interesting exiting experience to be apart of.

While also raising awareness that dementia is not all doom and gloom.

I am so excited to be apart of their film.

I really don’t know whom is more excited…Them or me!

Early days, with lots and lots of research being done.

Lots of talking, note taking and photos.

We spent a couple of hours together on Tuesday, talking about Blackpool the surrounding local area, oh and Dementia.

Up north! A very new experience for Gabe and Harry as they are from the South, think a few more jumpers might have come in useful!

We had a few laughs especially when they told us they where staying at the Norbrek Castle…I can tell you it’s no castle!

Unfortunately they both had the experience of one of the worst hotels in the area! I was so glad they could laugh about it.

Wednesday was spent talking more about my dementia, followed by a very blustery walk on the beach, a little filming and lots of photographs which will be used to advertise the film.

I will be keeping you all updated on the progress of the film over the coming months.

Hopefully filming will commence in the New Year as they do have a timescale for completion

Dementia has brought so many positives into my life!

3 thoughts on “Diary – Sundown

  1. This is amazing Gail, I’m so interested in the whole project and can’t wait to see the outcome. You are so inspiring and am sure your involvement is invaluable. With love always, bx

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