Diary – Clocks

Monday 7th November 2022

How can one hour change the way you feel so much!

That one little hour!

Very strange happenings early Sunday morning.

It all started at around 1.45am just before the clocks went back an hour.

I woke to a funny noise, well I didn’t wake straight away…It was that funny feeling of, am I awake or am I dreaming!

Did I hear a loud noise?

A single high pitched pip was coming from somewhere, I doze back into sleep, only to be woken again to the same noise.

This happened a couple of times more, before I eventually realised I wasn’t dreaming, it was a real noise!

I get out of bed to find poor Toby huddled in a corner, the noise obviously scaring him.

I open the bedroom door, everything is silent, then all at once a high pitched peep!

The noise makes me jump…Woo I really don’t like that!

I look around and realise the noise is coming from the smoke alarm!

The only thing handy to climb upon is a chair, so up I get on the the chair hoping I can reach the cover to reveal the battery.

After fiddling about trying to get the catch undone and keeping my balance, the battery is out!

Silence is resumed!

Toby back in his basket and me back into bed, sleep resumes.

I wake early hoping for a sunrise

No sunrise this morning, only a hazy bright strip through the thick dense clouds.

What is going on with my camera? The button doesn’t feel the same, I’m struggling with viewing, focus, buttons, the whole camera.

Everything is blurry…For goodness sake! What am I doing wrong!

Eventually after staring at the camera, turning of and on a few times, I manage to capture some photos of my time at the Nature Reserve

The rest of my day continues in a topsy turvy, higgledy piggledy, sort of way. Not a clue on time, or even what i should be doing.

Feeling quite lost and uneasy i muddle through.

Strangely I am not hungry either, I have no temptation to eat.

Later afternoon we wander up to the beach…Is there going to be a sunset?

We turn the corner…Yes! The brightness hits us…who turned the big light on!

Wow! We wasn’t expecting such a beautiful sunset, after the cloudy showery day we have had.

Toby plays on the beach, while I get confused and annoyed with my camera…At least I manage to capture some photos.

I really don’t know what I have done, and hubby doesn’t know either

I think I need to go back 1 hour, maybe everything will feel normal again!

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