Diary – Photos bring back memories

Tuesdays 8th November 2022

I love looking back on old photos, it’s like reliving those special moments.

Memories flood back or do they?

Looking through the photos, happy endorphins are released, I can feel a smile , then a grimace as I look at my hairstyles, the fashion!

Picture of me in my Mum and Dads arms I can’t remember, but I do remember the place it was taken. Not that I remember being there at the time, its a place that I am familiar with as a small girl, it was our local park. I recognise the houses in the background.

Yet the photo of me eating the ice cream on the beach, I have no recollection where when or how old I was.

I sit looking through more and more as my life is relived, it’s just like getting in a time capsule and going back in time. Some memories a little foggy others are ever so clear.

A holiday to London! What holiday? I have no recollection of my time in London what so ever, yet my hair style and clothes I could tell you all about them!

So strange that my memory holds on to lots of chapters in my life, so many milestones, yet my memory doesn’t always release everything.

Is it because I have to many memories to fit into my memory bank? Maybe my memory bank is overloaded, so it has to expel some memories to make room for the new. Or is it that I possibly forget the ones that have no meaning. Those memories that are neither happy or sad. Who knows how our memory bank works.

I find my memory is very similar to my computer. Some things I can find easily, others I open file after file to find what I’m looking for.

Funny how the pictures have a different affect on your ….grrr can’t think of the word!

Emotions! That was the word I was looking for, it came to me the next day when I was reading through to edit.

When I look back at the photo below , they bring a whopping great smile to my face, I had something very special in my arms…my daughters.

The several hours of pain I endured and all the problems faced through pregnancy is a distant memory.

Photos are a great memory aid, helping us to reconstruct, to recall moments.

Memories fade and can become contaminated without a visual record like a photo or video to back them up.

Yet so many of us now do not have a photo albums.

Most people will take photos on their phones.

It seems gone are the days of the hard copy, the boxes of photos, the albums.

In 20, 30, 40 years from now where will our photos be?

No one knows !

So don’t forget to print off some of your photos, make an album.

You never know when you may need them.

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