Diary – Song Lyrics

Thursday 10th November 2022

The other day there was an artist singing on tv. The track was one of a more recent track…rather a catchy one! When the singer began to sing I also began to sing and wiggle to the music.

A comment was made, as to how I can remember the words to the song. You have dementia!

No idea really, but I was definitely singing some of the words…wonder if I was in tune!

As I write this I can not for the life of me now remember the tune, the song or the artist!

All I can remember is the singer was wearing pink!

I search Google, then I remembered she performed on Strictly.

A search on YouTube.

At last I find the track

There has been evidence from scientific studies that listening to music lights up the brain in many places, reaching the parts that others can’t.

Listening to old favorites and new ones can bring back joy.

Stimulating music, something a little more lively like big band, swing, salsa, disco music can inspire dance and movement, which would provide physical exercise, entertainment, and perhaps a little excitement too.

If someone is experiencing stress / agitation, soothing soft music can help to calm the mind.

Listening to soft classical music or non-rhythmic instrumental background music may also improve mood and boost cognition, according to research.

Studies show that stimulating the brain using classical music can enhance thinking — also known as “the Mozart effect.”

So put the radio on, or your play your favourite cd.

Listen to some music and feel the effects.

Tracks you heard years ago, will jog your memory take you places and I bet you can even remember some or all the lyrics.

If I hear anything with a good beat I’ll be jigging along in no time.

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