Diary – Sundown the Documentary

Friday 11th November 2022

Friday is normally a day off for me. Not today I’m playing catch up after being away for a couple of days.

I also have some very important existing news about Sundown the Documentary.

Crowd funding has gone live and if you would like to find more out about the film click the link below, where you can watch a short trailer and read their story, oh and mine too

When you click the link scroll down the whole page to read all about the documentary

A BFS short documentary


What is life like when Alzheimer’s Disease has made both your future, and your past uncertain? 

There are over 40,000 people living in the UK today with early-onset Dementia Disease, a condition which can severely affect memory, thinking skills and cognitive ability. Aside from the physical challenges this presents, it also creates an enormous emotional strain as maintaining relationships and a normal standard of life becomes a challenge. 

We want to explore this perspective. The vast array of symptoms experienced by Alzheimer’s patients can be confusing to witness. We aim to place our viewers into a mind as it loses grip on reality, to explore the confusing, scary and often inspirational results.

This is where my story comes in…

Diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers at just 54.

Instead of shrinking away into her condition and the prospect of the future she insisted on a positive path forward. Gail became and continues to be a very public ambassador for changing the perception and stereotypes associated with Alzheimers patients.

Her daily blog, filled with insights and struggles with the condition from the past three years, has inspired us with its unique perceptive, articulate descriptions and positive outlook on dementia:

Please can you help get this young film crew off the ground to produce this short documentary …they are so passionate about raising awareness of dementia

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