Diary – The suns out!

Thursday 26th January 2023

After the wet windy weather we have been having over the last week or so, it felt fantastic to open the curtains to the sun.

The sky was blue, the sun was shining. It was time to be outdoors

I had a rubbish nights sleep, so seeing the sun gave me a bit of positive energy.

Hubby, Toby and myself set off for Fleetwood beach.

When we arrived the tide was way out.

I love how the sand undulates, creating patterns on the surface, looks like it’s been perfectly sculpted.

Toby loves the beach, especially when there are pools of seawater to run and splash through.

He turns into Super Hyper Dog!

A vibrant blue sky surrounds us, the sunlight warms our face.

Camera is out today!

I’m happily clicking away at anything interesting.

Today there are lots of shells, starfish and seaweed. All washed up in last nights stormy weather.

All making interesting photography

As we walk further and further out to sea, we can see all the hundreds of seabirds congregating

So difficult to get a clear shot as the sun is so bright and the birds are moving so fast.

My fingers and brain don’t coordinate fast enough these days!

We splash, we walk, we click with the camera.

I didn’t want to return home, I was enjoying the space, the fresh air and the wonderful calming sounds of nature.

Toby was enjoying life so much he got a little hyper, so I had to give him gave a good talking too!

My camera disappears…I’m busy recording a video…Hubby sneaked off taking photos of me! Cheeky!

Camera back in hand I’m taking my last few snaps before we leave.

I always feel so relaxed when outdoors…I can breathe.

No phones, no iPads, just fresh air the open space and nature.

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