Diary – 🎈Birthday Day 🎈

Thursday 6th August 2020

I have slept really well for the past few nights, then tonight well it’s 2.40am and I am still wide awake, I have already mastered a new card fold and trying another and still wide awake!

I finally turn the lights out at 3am…at least try and get a few hours sleep.

Nope 4am and I’m still awake another card fold mastered, not much sleep at all!

🎈Today is my Birthday 🎈

Because family are from Burnley and Pendle area they are not allowed to visit people at home as they have certain restrictions in place because of the higher rate of Covid cases. So it will be a quiet Birthday today…just like many other birthdays this year due to Covid and Lockdown

Wow I get balloons and I have reached a 1,000 followers on Twitter, Thank you to everyone who follows me❤️

Incy wincy spider early this morning

I spend my birthday outside with Daughter and Grandsons today due to the COVID restrictions…It was a very nice birthday too I might add 😊

I may not have seen everyone in person, but I have had phone calls, messages and FaceTime calls throughout the day. My daughter and two grandsons kept me occupied this morning.

It’s been a really nice day.

Thoroughly enjoyed my Birthday Day

Very tired now so will finish with some photos from my day

A big thank you to everyone for messages, birthday wishes, presents, cards, flowers and more… it’s been a great day 😀

Diary – Sleep and Energy Level

I wake to a very very wet morning indeed, when I look at the clock it’s 7.30am

Wow I slept well last night, I think it was a mixture of exhaustion from my jobs yesterday morning and worrying about Flick.

Whom is now under my watchful eye and is doing lots of sleeping on her fluffy blanket

Flick seems to be ok today after she went rather wobbly yesterday and her back legs giving way. She is sleeping lots but she is ok…nothing we can do about the ageing process…it’s part of life. It was so upsetting yesterday as we witnessed her as she went rather wonky and fell down.

She is comfy today and that’s all that matters.

I’m waiting for the rain to ease so I can take the other 2 dogs out… it’s so heavy it’s literally bouncing off the pavements.

At about 9.30 the rain is easing so we grab the moment and take our walk. Because I’m out later…it’s the knock on effect and so everything else I had planned for the morning becomes later.

Then I remember Diarist Zoom! I quickly make a brew and join them for the last 30 minutes. Only to be talking about tiredness and sleep, which most of us seem to be struggling with at some point.

Fatigue and decreased energy level seems to be very common in Alzheimer’s / Dementia.

While people always associate memory loss with the beginning stages of the disease, low energy is also challenging symptom to manage. 

Trying to finding ways to improve energy levels without increasing agitation, causing headaches…the fuzzy fog is a constant nightmare. At the moment I am keeping a diary and making notes on my sleep, fuzzy days and tiredness to see if there is a connection with things I’m doing though out my day or if there is some sort of a pattern.

Not done very much at all today, only answering and send emails, this can be tiring as I have to think and double check everything, making sure I am sending and replying to the right people.

I am also thinking of setting out a plan of all my zoom meetings and all the things I am now involved with so that I can limit and plan my time better, so I am not overloading myself.

Diary – What an afternoon

When you wake up and have no idea what day it is, which is quite normal nowadays.

It’s raining which is typical as I cleaned my windows yesterday…oh well never mind. Time to take Toby for his walk, the rain doesn’t stop us from walking.

Bit of a change from the sunshine weather yesterday…we have drizzling showers and grey cloudy sky today.

I have a few jobs to do this morning which I complete, but by lunchtime it just comes over me…I am absolutely exhausted.

I am noticing more, that my energy levels are not what they used to be. I try to carry on as normal as I possibly can, but some days my wonderful Sidekick does get the better of me. This afternoon has been one of those occasions where I just can not muster up anymore energy, so comfy chair it is.

I do have a 2pm Zoom meeting today, we will have to see how that goes.

Lovely seeing everyone and talking about things which I am interested in, passing and sharing ideas.

I leave the meeting early as I have an unexpected visitors with beautiful flowers and chocolates.

My daughter was in the area, so just popped by to say hello.

After they had left, me and hubby sort out our meal. We are sat eating when Mr Sammy Seagull comes in to land and SMACK!!! Straight into the fence, drops to the floor ! All three dogs go running out!

Oh my word PANIC!!!

Frightened, seagull!

Hurt seagull!

Gail in a panic!

Dogs panic!

3 x dogs haven’t got a clue, running around chasing the flapping gull, which I can tell you is a decent size!

You don’t realise how big these birds are until they are flying straight for your head, as I duck out of the way before it hits me. The poor gull is trying to get some room to take off, to get out of the garden away from everyone but I think it’s hurt.

We are trying to get the dogs in the house when Flick our little Westie, takes a turn for the worst and just collapses, she’s just on the grass, she looks to be struggling to walk and has gone very wobbly, oh no not my little Flick! I lay down next to her…stroking her to comfort her. I look up at hubby with tears in my eyes, I don’t know what to do.

After 10 minutes or so little Flick seems to be coming back to normal and looks a little brighter. I wondered if maybe she has had a slight stroke, as she was unable to walk and her back legs where giving way.

She seems to be ok now which is an hour after the event and is sleeping on a cushion (where she loves to be) I will be keeping a close eye on her over the next few days.

I know she is old, but she is my little Flicky Flu

Diary – Driving Licence Renewal

Monday 3rd August 2020

Woke at 7am again, since I have not been on zoom as much and my pad, I seem to be sleeping better, let’s hope it continues.

Hubby joined me on the beach walk this morning as it’s his day off work today and looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day.

We have a good walk down the beach then back home to start on some jobs. Hubby has been re- pointing the garden wall so he is finishing that job off this morning. I get to play with water…cleaning the windows and the cars.

We are out the front of our house when the postman arrives…a letter for me…DVLA. My stomach drops it’s the decision…will I be able to carry on driving.

I open the letter but as I do so I can feel something hard…card like…YES!

I have a driving licence for another 12 months. Yippee! That’s a relief.

After we have finished our jobs, lunch and time to chill in the garden.

I don’t sit still long when I decide that the old walking stick we had outside in the garden, which has been used for lots of different things, but never a walking stick. I am going to sand it down, stain it and varnish it. At the moment it is covered in like a black plastic and concrete.

Looking more like a walking stick, really pleased with it.

We are both looking for things to do so we decide to go for a walk on the prom, taking in the sea views and …an ice cream

Which I think I had more over my self than in my mouth it was melting that fast…was it good? It most certainly was!

Zoomettes tonight, I am only joining for a short while as hubby is cooking tonight. Pork, hasselback potatoes, veg then apple crumble and custard😋

While we where clearing away the pots,

Hubby says ” woo my face feels a bit tight from the sun”

My reply “it’s normally your pockets”

Hubby says my filter has definitely gone ha! ha! He said I would normally think it but not say it! ha! ha!

Finally got an appointment to see the neurologist in September, thought they had forgotten about me. Totally surprised when that arrived today.

All in all it’s been a good day. 😊

Diary – I’ve missed writing my blog

Well I have missed writing my blog for a few days…not because I had forgotten…I just took a short break as it is getting hard to try and fit everything in somedays.

I have my photos to jog my memory, as I take photos of everything and anything throughout my days now

Friday 31st July 2020

Day on the Beach with Family

The sky late last night was strangely different, but interestingly nice

Out early as usual, and what a beautiful morning it is too

I have a zoom call with Ron at 9am this morning so I am super organised

I have already walked the dogs and cake in the oven before my 9am zoom call

I have visitors arriving today and we are having a picnic and a beach day so I am waiting very impatiently as they have called to say they will be late as they are held up in traffic.

It’s around 11.20 am everything is prepared and I am pacing up and down, keep going to the window to have a look…go and sit back down then two minutes later I am up again. This goes on until they arrive which I think was just after 12.

We sort the things out from the car that my daughter had brought over…woo lovely flowers ❤️

A bag full of new school uniforms that need name tags in…I have done this for the past 6/7 years sewing all the name tags in. I embroider the names onto tape then sew them into each item of clothing.

We all walk to the beach together ( Hubby to join us when he has finished work)

The 2 boys are excited and I’m not surprised as they have been in isolation for 14 days.

They had a great time, even tried swimming in the sea under the watchful eye of grandad

Late afternoon it’s time for them to head off home before the rush hour traffic, we say our goodbyes as we won’t see the boys now for quite a few weeks as they are setting off for Verwood in Dorset in the morning to spend summer with their Dad.

Was a lovely day, great to have our fun on the beach day, even though I’m shattered now

What a great end to the day…with a beautiful night sky.


Saturday 1st August 2020

Toby’s visit to the vets & wearing masks

Hubby’s weekend off, not that we have anything planned.

I slept later than normal was going up for 7am before I woke ( I had been up 3 times during the night) which is unusual it’s normally before or around 6am and the dogs where even sleeping, which is very strange.

Me and Toby off for our morning walk about 7.30am and I forgot to take my phone with me…you would think I had a memory problem!

We have to take Toby for his 12months check and booster injections this morning, who is not impressed about sitting in the car on his own

So he winged and he whines all the way!

In the vets we have quite a wait and I’m getting warm, my mask is getting too much as I feel like I can’t breath…I go back to the car where at least I can remove the mask and have some fresh air.

I hate the masks, I tend to breathe heavier and the mask ends up being soggy & damp from my breath. I really don’t like them. I do have a badge that I could wear

But I feel guilty for not wearing a mask and people look at you…with that “why have you no mask on” look! So I wear one.

Hubby comes back to the car with a very relived Toby! Think he was glad to be back outside too. Injections up to date, all checked over…apparently he has lost quite a bit of weight and has a heart murmur. Nothing to worry about at the moment…fingers crossed 🤞🏽 Will I worry most probably, but then again I could forget!

After lunch I have all these jobs in my head that I am going to do…think I was dreaming as I only managed a couple, far too tired to do the rest. They will save for another day!

I get all the school uniforms labelled as I had embroidered the name tags a few weeks ago, so I only had them to sew in and I do it by machine so it’s quicker…Still takes a while though or I have just slowed down!

I then finish of my squares for the Deep blanket…now it’s nearly time to make tea.

I get a FaceTime from Chris who is in hospital, was lovely to speak with her. I now know she is on the mend and making progress so hopefully she will be home after the weekend.

So all in all a busy Saturday

Time to chill now…shower…pjs…a bit of tv…bed.


Sunday 2nd August 2020

Card making and YouTube

Had a decent nights sleep again, not with out waking twice in the night I might add…the difference is I wake and go back to sleep within 10-20 minutes and not struggle to go back to sleep or have to get up and make a brew. So yep a good night!

On the beach around 7.40am, Charlie was going through all the seaweed looking for dead things to roll over, so he’s back on the lead, Toby playing ball as per usual.

Not a bad morning, cloudy but the sun is shining.

Today I am going to video the Z fold cards and upload to YouTube. That will certainly pass a few hours on.

After I have finished doing 3 videos all about 15 minutes long I am shattered, it’s the concentration, extra brain work! Exhausting!

I have notes in front of me to help and everything I will need to hand to make things easier. I might mumble, I might repeat myself. I really don’t care as this is me!

I do not edit the videos they are just me as I am with my sidekick Alzheimer’s hopefully behaving.

Hubby makes a brew around 2pm , I sit outside in the sun the next thing I know it’s nearly 3pm… I had fallen asleep. Not like me, but today it’s been very much like I’m in slow motion everything is taking me longer, I have little energy, a little lethargic…Hubby said I look like I’m away with the fairy’s!

I feel ok but I don’t see what I look like

Below are the cards I made during the videos recorded today.

The videos are on YouTube to make all 3 of these Z Fold Cards

I’m loving making cards, but I do get carried away with the moment.
Loosing all track of time.

Diary – Zoom morning – Afternoon gardening

Wednesday 29th July 2020

I’m up a little later today and only woke once during the night, which is amazing for me!

My head is clearer, not 100% but so much better than yesterday.

I’m out walking around 7.30am with the dogs and it’s a quiet beach this morning.

I take one of the book marks I have made and place it on the steps down to the beach

Let’s see if it’s found, I hope they share it on Twitter or Facebook so I know who found it.

Toby checking out the beach

Charlie checking the beach out.

Charlie taking in the sounds of the beach…Relax…and Breathe looks like he is meditating.

I have two Zoom meetings this morning

Dementia Diaries 10am

Making face masks 11am – I’m showing James and a few other people how to make the easy face masks on a Zoom meeting.

So a busy morning for me.

After lunch I take time out in the garden…just pottering around in my own little world. Clearing up after the wind and rain and just basically tidying around.

Just keeping away from computers and iPads as much as I can today, giving my brain a bit of a rest from technology.

Hence the sort blog again today

Diary – A little fuzzy

Tuesday 28th July 2020

I wake but feel a little fuzzy from the aftermath of yesterdays zoom meetings. My head and eyes feel funny and I did contemplate going back to bed but Toby is looking at me with those…I need a walk eyes …I am a big softy where Toby is concerned.

Flick our 14 year old Westie sleeps most of the day and has got to the stage where she is becoming a little incontinent, so we have to keep a close eye on her as she needs to go out in the garden more often. It’s ok when the weather is nice as I can leave the back door open to the garden…when it’s raining I’m on Flick watch.

She is also sleeping into deeper sleeps now, so I have to wake her for meals etc.

Charlie walks when he feels like it, which is normally every other day, he is a lazy King Charles Spaniel and would rather be nice and cozy having a treat or two rather than walking. He just likes to dig pebbles in the sand on the beach

All in all they are really good dogs and great company for me.


I have been busy starting off one of the Craftivism Projects which Philly from Innovations in Dementia is leading

Craftivism is all about the pride of making something yourself…while sending a message to the world.

I am producing 50 face masks kits which Deep are giving away Free! Each kit has a yellow badge embroidered with the words ” I want to speak please” (just like our cards we use)

These kits are only for people living with dementia and will be limited to one each.

It will be a first come, first served!

You can contact me or watch out for the Deep News Letter (coming soon) on how to order.

The beach walk was a very windy one this morning thought it might help to ease my head, perhaps clear some fuzz.

So much seaweed, rubbish and dead wildlife’s on the beach…we don’t stay on very long as it’s too upsetting as we passing the half eaten, I assume porpoise or seal & lots of birds which are entangled in the thick line of seaweed that line the beach.

I’m home reading what I thought was George’s blog…takes me a while then I realise it’s my blog!

How I love the tricks my sidekick Alzheimer’s plays with my head!

Computers, iPads and phones are not going down well with my head today as the fuzz is looking like it’s setting in for the day.

The fuzz!

Sometimes nauseous, not all the time

Balance issues

Low energy


Perception – walk into door frames

It’s the only thing that actually slows me down

Short blog today as difficult to focus and find words.

Tomorrow is a new day, which will be better 🤞🏽

Diary – New Group

Monday 27th July 2020

I was in bed just after 9pm last night, shattered from the lack of sleep and brain working far too hard during the day.

I don’t think I will ever learn to take things easy!

I’m not a sit back and do nothing person, I’m a…have to be on the go kinda person.

You most probably won’t believe it if I told you that my life is very quiet now compared to how it was around 5+ years ago.

So yes I have always been a busy person, with some new project on the go.

Just cause I have dementia does not mean I have to stop. I have just slowed down considerably and my brain has to work harder…most probably why I get so many headaches!

But I am still living life and enjoying it ( most of the time anyway)

It’s all the inspirational people that I have met on my lockdown journey that have inspired me to try new things and pick up on some of the old, as I did go a little quiet on the crafting front for a good while after my diagnosis. Then again I did feel like I had nothing more left to give, if that makes sense.

Now I am involved with groups, they have sort of brought that back out of me. It’s not all about telling your story of your dementia journey…it’s about trying new things…meeting new people, sharing and supporting.

Well it’s very wet outside today, very wet indeed.

Still went for our morning walk

We looked like drowned rats when eventually reach home…wasn’t the most enjoyable walk but we got our morning walk fix and fresh air.

I am joining a new group on zoom today. I join the group and there are a few familiar faces.

After we have finished, I don’t know if it’s the group for me, still thinking about that one.

I’m a little tired after the Zoom meeting as I found it quite intense and my brain having to think quick as I was asked questions like ” how do you feel” ” have you anything to say. Woo puts me on the spot.

Normally I would hold a card up if I have anything to say.

Sometimes I am happy just to sit and listen to everyone.

Zoomettes later, I’m shattered and finding it hard to concentrate and my eyes are heavy with staring at the computer screen, so I leave early finish off my emails and blog

Shower time, pj’s on

Chill time!

Diary – Weekend

Saturday 25th July 2020

I woke a little later than usual, not that I had slept well as I had been up 3 times during the night.

The weather is a little miserable today…great clouds and drizzling but it doesn’t stop me andToby going for our walk on the beach

Can’t see Blackpool Tower very clear this morning, even Mary’s Shell is hard to see.

It’s a gloomy looking day indeed.

I record my Dementia Diaries and send them through to be published.

I also record the Deep News Audio and send those through. I had to record a couple of times as I kept going wrong, not as easy as it seems reading, but I think they are ok…well I’ve sent them anyway and I’m sure they will contact me if they need to be done again.

I decide to bake some buns, haven’t baked for a couple of weeks and it will pass a bit of time, so off I go to bake.

My daughter rings me…everyone is ok. No COVID symptoms and only another week in isolation…her employer is giving her the weeks holiday back, so she will now be able to book a holiday at a later date hopefully…the only thing is lots of places are booked up or prices are sky high as it’s now peak time.

We have a good natter and a catch up before saying our goodbyes.

I’m in the craft room making cards for a couple of hours in the afternoon, my chill time.

Sunday 26th July 2020

I wake just before 3am and can not get back to sleep…decide its easier to get up, than to stare around the dark room, flipping backwards and forwards like a fish out of water.

I sit in my recliner going through the internet, when I decide to do my own portrayal of Alzheimer’s as most publications are of older people.

I see 4am…5am well I am clearly not going to sleep so time to get up I think.

I make a brew then go into my craft room to make some cards and bookmarks. The bookmarks are just off cuts of card with designs laminated to seal the bookmark and on the back is a little message “well done you have found me, made with love from a person with dementia ❤️”

I am going to strategically place a bookmark everyday for a few weeks (weather permitting) Definitely not today as it was far to blustery today to leave one

Photo taken from our early morning beach walk.

Back home I’m writing my blog and other things for social media while hubby makes brunch.

The smoke alarm goes off in the hall ( I can not stand the noise)

I shout “No the fire extinguisher”…to which hubby comments ” do you mean smoke alarm” The things I sometimes come out with…We have to laugh 😂

I have been busy…but at the same time chillin…making cards in my craft room…just taking my time getting lost in the moment of Christmas trees, card and double sided tape.

Early evening I finish writing my blog & check my diary to see what I have planned for next week. I have 2 extra zoom meetings next week so may have to do some juggling about if it gets too much.

I will just take it a day at a time and see what happens.

Diary – Waisted Day

Friday 24th July 2020

Hubby’s day off work today and I wake to a beautiful sunny day.

So I’m out on the beach with Toby and Charlie, they make the most of the weather too by taking a dip in a pool on the beach.

I record a diary while I’m on the beach for Dementia Diaries, I haven’t played it back as yet, so don’t know if I will be sending it through or not. I am better if I write things down so I have something to read from, rather than just talking as I forget what I have said or stumble with my words, but I suppose this is me now and this is how I am sometimes…so I might leave it even if I am stumbling on words.

It’s been a funny day, one of our cars had to go for its annual service, which is near to St Anne’s (the other side of Blackpool) so it’s a bit of a trek.

Feels like we have waisted a full day just hanging around and driving backwards and forwards to the garage. We would normally get a courtesy car or have a waiting slot but due to coronavirus neither are available. So we just had to go with the changes of leave the car and wait for a phone call.

On our drive over to the garage we do the costal road, oh my word it is so busy. I can not believe the traffic.

We drop off the car, do some errands then head off to visit Peter, just a quick stop to say hello…It was nice to see him, as he has been having so many problems with his phone….At least we have seen each other now.

It has been so unfortunate that the lockdown came just as Peter got the keys to a small office to set up the Peter Lyttle Foundation. So Peter has not been able to set the office up as yet.

Peter mentioned going to the office August, I am not keen if I am honest and did explain that. The office is only small so safe distancing is my main concern.

Toilets may also be a bit of a problem…who cleans the toilets, as I would imagine the cleanliness would have to be addressed with COVID.

It is also the safety of others using the office & toilets when visiting…the cleanliness and the safety measures that would have to be in place before even opening which makes it even more difficult.

These are such difficult times.

Late afternoon the car is ready and we have to make the hour and a half round trip to collect our car…it was exhausting…so much concentration with the driving and the volume of traffic and also crowds of holidaymakers…You would never think that there is a virus around.

So that’s my day as the sky is darkening looking like rain.