Diary – Busy Time / Me Time

Wednesday 5th May 2021

My diary is getting so busy again, I have no idea why May has just suddenly become full of zoom meetings…when did this happen?

The busyness is starting to affect me. I now feel so disorganised…out of control, emails keep popping up…Zoom meetings…telephone calls…All new dates that I have to put in my diary. Meetings I had forgotten about…Follow up meetings that have just cropped up in the last 24hours. 😱 What is going on! I think I am forgetting to input again!

This is getting me confused now! I’m getting in a right old muddle! I thought this week was a quiet week, how wrong was I…3 unexpected appointments / meetings have just been added to my week 🙈

Need time out!!

I’m out on the Nature reserve this morning, just me, Toby and camera. Not feeling 100% today I have a bit of a sore throat but I carry on regardless… As I always do.

I head straight for the Grebe’s, distracted on my way by the little Swallows. I can’t capture them in flight though, they are far too fast for me!

Just sitting on the fence
A very poor attempt at a Swallow in Flight

Mrs Grebe is on the pond with baby Grebette ( only one 😢 ) he is doing really well…He is swimming around now, but still hitching a ride on mums back when he’s tired

Hitching a ride
Found his voice
Loving Little Family
Dad busy bringing home the fish
Just looking cute

Sorry for the Grebe overload today, anyone would think I am obsessed with these birds…

I am! 🙈

Coot chicks out and about today, didn’t see any ducklings, maybe I was out too early.

The Coots

I only spent just over an hour at the Nature Reserve this morning as I have a zoom interview this morning and need to double check my notes to make sure I have read and understood all the questions correctly. So I make my way out of the reserve back to the car

Just a few other photos from the Fleetwood Nature Reserve

On my return home I notice the large green metal crane over the prom. That can only mean the filming for Star Wars has begun.

Then I hear the helicopter…I zoom in with my camera…it’s the film crew with all the cameras attached to the helicopter, I can see the lettering G-TVHD. I’m intrigued so I now have to have a walk up to the prom to see what’s going on!

Helicopter with all the film cameras
Lots going on!

Me and hubby have a quick wander, we didn’t stay long, just long enough to have a quick look around…being nosey really!

As we are stood on the beach I notice that over towards the Lake District there is snow on the hills.

Snow on the Hills

Can’t believe our weather at the moment, from summer clothes back to winter clothes in a week, it’s just crazy!

Later in the day, Me and hubby are having some time out together. We are venturing to Brockholes Nature Reserve near Preston


You will have to read my blog tomorrow to find out about our Brockholes adventure and photos

Diary – How Apt – Star Wars Day

Tuesday 4th May 2021

May the 4th be with you…

Photo below taken from the Star Wars Set on Cleveleys Prom. It was originally the prom cafe, now reconstructed for part of the film set.

Taken from the Star Wars Set, Cleveleys Prom

The winds are horrendous this morning, I won’t be going out for my early morning walk that’s for sure, well not until it’s a little calmer!

Look who we have nesting on the neighbours roof. Mr and Mrs Seagull. I do enjoy watching their progress. This year should be even better with now I can zoo. In with my camera. Just hope the wind doesn’t disturb their nest. Mr and Mrs Seagull have picked a good sheltered spot in between the roof and chimney stack, so fingers crossed the nest will be ok.

I’m struggling with what day it is today, I’m having to double check all the time, it’s a funny feeling…No actual concept of days …no point worrying about it! I check my things to do list, diary, watch, clock and iPad, to keep me on track.

Looks like I will be in my own little world today, my dementia world.

I sit listening to the howling winds as it swirl around the house. I hate the noises of the wind i find it very unsettling. I scan out of the windows. Across the road I can see a shed roof lift as the wind gets underneath and then down it drops as the wind direction changes. The trees and plants are getting a battering and my tulips that where so colourful yesterday are just green stems today. Oh how I hate the wind!

It’s not looking good for a beach walk, we do however go to The Towers, a small woodland area to see what we can see there as it will be more sheltered than a walk on the prom. No little birds out this morning as the winds are far too strong. Even all the little ducklings are all huddled together, not even food would tempt them to move…don’t blame them, they look so cozy.

We wander around on a carpet of pink petals as the blossoms are now falling gracefully, petal by petal creating a new look to the forest. Looks almost like snow or could it be a confetti covered church yard. Which ever it is it looks beautiful

We wander around looking and listening but no tiny birds to view, a little disappointed we head off across the road to another woodland area, we have not ventured here before so it’s a whole new adventure

A couple of ducks sit by a pond, a blackbird and a crow in nearby grass, nothing different today!

Oi! You looking at me?
Woo woo getting my feet wet!

My day has been very quiet a zoom meeting this morning and a couple of phone calls later with family.

Still getting muddled on my day…What day is it?

Diary – Rained Off!

Monday 3rd May 2021

After I had eaten last night I felt the urge to go to the Nature Reserve, I normally don’t walk later in the day as I am becoming too tired, but tonight I just felt the need to be outdoors again with nature

Me and Toby set off with camera in hand and when we arrive, I was surprised to find how quiet it was. I head off in direction of the Grebe family listening to the birds in the distant trees singing as we walk. Wow the baby Grebes are getting so big now, one of them is sat next to Mum while the smaller one is still under her wing.

The Grebe Family ❤️

It is so hard to get the focus right as the sun is glaring in my eyes which is making photography very difficult indeed. I stay for a while snapping away but the sun in now hurting my eyes so we set off for a walk round pond 2 to give my eyes a rest.

The Coot Chicks in the nest
Swans Nesting

We pass the Coot chicks all chirping away at Mum. Mr and Mrs Swan tending to their nest, but I can’t quite see if there are any eggs. We come off the bridge to the second pond, I walk around so that the sun is at the back of me, wow it makes the water look so blue

The Swan poses for the photo shoot, which I am very great full for

We stay a while offering food and just watching. A little Pied Waggtail lands on the nearby rocks, woo I think I captured one of these this morning at the park. I hadn’t captured one of these birds until today. It is very exciting when I spot and capture a new bird

Pied Waggtail

Then the family from hell arrive, children running up to the birds screaming ….they are now scaring all the ducks, geese and swans. All the little birds have flown…time for me to do the same. Not without a good bye to the Grebe Family

Mum with her Grebette’s

I had a restless nights sleep last night so I slept in the spare room as not to disturb hubby. It’s very grey outdoors, fine but grey. I think I need to walk the dogs earlier rather than later, rain has been forecast, lots of rain…Well it is Bank Holiday!

It’s a Grey Start

There looks to be a bit of activity this morning on the Star Wars film set

I don’t hang around as it’s just started to rain and nothing of great interest…well it’s not for me. Others are so excited that Star Wars are to be filming in Cleveleys. I don’t think there will be much filming going on today as the rain came in just before lunch and is now torrential!

Looks like it is a catch up on paperwork / blog day.

After we had finished our tea / evening meal the rain has subsided, me and hubby walk up to the beach, it’s good to get out even if just for a short time. I hate being stuck indoors all day. It was very blustery and the sea looked very angry, definitely blew some cobwebs away.

Lots of little Turnstones

I don’t think the film crew realised just how blustery it can be on the Fylde Coast as all the blackout barriers where no longer blackout and all the palm trees where no longer standing

So Star Wars looks like it’s been through a hurricane!

Diary – Sad, Sad, Day😢

Friday 30th April 2021

I didn’t get very much sleep last night, our little Westie Flick was taken ill, she had been ill on and off over the past few months, incontinence being one problem, but we adapted.

Last night was different, her cry’s where painful, the way she looked at me, I just knew it was time …time to make the decision…the decision we have both been dreading.

Anyone whom has lost a pet will understand how painful this decision is…it’s heart wrenching!

This morning when we looked into her eyes, we could see her pain, something we had not seen before. This was like she was giving us her approval that she needed to go to sleep, her little furry body was giving up…shutting down…it was time to let her go😢

Flick was 15 years old last month…a good age for a little dog and such a happy little character she was too

Flick on a cushion

She was a Cushion flicking Westie and lived up to her name Flick. She would jump up on the sofa and flick all the cushions all over the place with her nose, until she found the most comfortable cushion to sit on…it was so comical to watch.

I try so hard to remember our good times our fun times but the sadness takes over…it consumes me…my eyes leak! My nose leaks, My head hurts!

As I look to the side of my chair her bed is empty and so am I.

Today is a sad, sad day😢

Saturday 1st May 2021

This morning I wake empty and drained. I record my blog for Deepness Dementia Radio…not feeling it this morning, life goes on even if it does feel like a struggle.

Me and Toby have a walk to the beach, I normally go to the park on a Saturday but wasn’t feeling the enthusiasm or excitement. We reach the beach which is quiet and disappointingly I can’t hear the sea! Me and Toby stand and just look out at the empty vast watery space…just watching, not really thinking of much.

I feel like I have something missing…I too feel empty! it’s a strange feeling, I’ve lost my bounce, my zest, my princess Flick 😢 and it hurts!

Home from our walk and a few photos taken, but not feeling the excitement through the lense and as I look as my photos it does show, very few photos taken

The film crew are busy, well security are. They are now putting all the road blocks in place so plenty of council workers and police around. Looks like the props have arrived…lots of diggers and cranes too.

Think there is going to be quite a lot of activity around my lovely quiet beach over the next week…Not going to be so quiet!

Star Wars Set

Home and a cup of hot chocolate as it was a chilly one this morning 🥶

My day is a bit of a miss match as I feel so lost, just trying to keep busy, keep my mind occupied. I feel guilty for washing the covers on the sofa and all the dogs bedding. I feel like I am washing Flick away! Wow this is hard! This is the 3rd dog we have lost due to old age and it certainly doesn’t get any easier.

I make a start on my hanging baskets, I will be keeping them in the greenhouse for a while as we are still having some frosty nights.

Sunday 2nd May

Only just realised we are now in May! Where are these months going! This morning I am going to the park, I have been told that Monday is going to be a rainy day, so that will mean if I don’t go to the park today, I won’t be going for another week. I only go to the park at the weekends because the of the busy traffic through the week, it also can be quite bad for parking through the week too.

I arrive around 7.30am all quiet just me Toby and the birds, I stand just looking over the pond…so tranquil, just what I need

Calm & Tranquil

I have a big void at the moment and it’s gonna take time to heal.

I walk a couple of steps into the park and there I see a Tree Creeper…oh wow I have been trying to capture one of these little fellas for quite some time. They are so quick and so shy, but this morning I think he stopped to show me how proud of his catch he was

That perked me up a little, I thought by coming to the park it would take my mind to a different place for a while. It’s amazing what the outdoors can do, just being surrounded by nature it’s such a beautiful soft hug 🤗

A little Wren

Normally little Wrens can be too fast for me, they are such a tiny bird that I miss them. Not this morning, this little fella came to say hello ❤️

I also captured my friendly Robin taking food from my hand…Now that is so special, a precious beautiful moment ❤️

You can play the short video below

I think me and this Robin are getting quite friendly and he doesn’t seem to be fazed by Toby’s presence either.

I took quite a lot of photos this morning, as i just wandered around in my own little world. Here just a few from my wonderful morning with nature.

Mr Heron on watch duties
This squirrel made me laugh, he froze when he spotted Toby!
Or was he posing for a photo?
Cute Duckling, the leaf in nearly bigger than him ❤️
Pigeon Overload!
Elegant Beauty of the Swans

The rest of my day has been quite chilled.

Loosing our little Flick has had a massive impact on both Me and Hubby …she was part of our Family and We Miss Her ❤️

Diary – Different Walk, Different Views

29th April 2021

Last night panic mode, the notes I thought I had saved on the computer for an interview meeting Thursday morning had disappeared! Obviously I hadn’t saved them. This is not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last! Yes it causes flustration. I do get angry, but it’s anger with myself!

Hubby tries to find any documents that I have been working on recently, unfortunately without success, so at 9.30pm I just sit down at the computer and start again, trying to remember what I had typed out previously…No it’s a complete blank! It is a little late for me to be thinking and concentrating, but I have no other option.

11.30 pm Notes typed up and printed off, hard copy for back up this time!

I wake around 5.40am sit for a while with my cup of tea before heading off to the Beach with Toby and Charlie. I record my first video diary, don’t know if it will be any good…will play back later

Very Quiet Beach

It is very quiet this morning, well it is only 6.30am!

Me and Toby

After our beach walk it is food shop at 8.30am and then a phone call interview at 11am regarding The Dementia together Magazine

A quick FaceTime with my daughter later to get our instructions for Friday.

Me and hubby have a poorly grandson to look Friday whom has Chicken Pox, so it’s gonna be an early start to get to them for 7.30am

All jobs done, after lunch me and Hubby head off for a walk to Skippool Creek.

The road going in was covered by water as it was high tide, so we left our car on a nearby car park and walked, I’m not as brave as this driver below.

We had a lovely walk, through fields, around the waters edge, down little lanes. Just lovely seeing all the different views.

We pass a field with horses…now I’m not good with horses, they terrify me. I do manage to stroke one of the horses nose. This is actually very brave of me. He took a liking to us and followed us down the side of the fencing, well as far as he could.

We stood watching the boats and yachts, thought one guy was going to capsize! I wonder if he got a wet bum!

After we had stood watching for a while we move on, a little Robin pops out to say hello before we head off back towards the car.

What a lovely walk to end the afternoon

Diary – Back to Nature and Crafts

Wednesday 28th April 2021

I hate the days when I have no energy, when my head is full of fuzz making a simple task so hard, even a cup of tea can be hard to prepare…as I open the wrong cupboard doors to find the cup…the concentration that is needed to add sugar, tea bag, water and milk.

I knew the previous night something didn’t feel quite right with my head yet I carried on regardless. Unbeknown to me after we had eaten yesterday I must have gotten the meat out of the freezer too defrost for Tuesday’s meal. Think I was a little confused, because when I came to prep tea last night I had double the amount I needed! Yes I had defrosted 2 lots of meat!

This morning however I feel so much clearer, the fuzz is lurking but is definitely fading…Today is a new day! I try not to dwell on the rubbish day yesterday. I look forward to today…It’s a New day!

I have all my things ready in the kitchen for my morning walk. Destination Nature Reserve !

Wow it is so quiet this morning, no dog walkers or photographers around…this is just heavenly.

Off towards the pond where the Grebe family is…Woo all the family are on the pond.

Dad offering a little fish
Baby Grebe takes it
The fish is gone!

Baby Grebe doesn’t look big enough to eat the fish whole but he does!

It’s been a very relaxing, tranquil hour, time for me to say good bye to the Grebes

Baby Grebe enjoying the ride

The Swan has built her nest and is adding more reeds

Baby ducklings make an appearance, along with the Coots. I noticed that the number of chicks are down this morning only 2 ducklings and 3 Coot chicks. I try not to think about what has happened to them, as it just upsets me. So I hold on to the moment that there are still some survivors. Mum and chicks approach for some food. I am so careful now when giving out food as I do not want to encourage the pesky gulls!

We head off towards the car park and look back as I am leaving. I notice the sky and how the suns rays are now parallel beams of lights shining on to the ground. Looks amazing!

My day will be another quiet one as I am not pushing myself today. I join the Dementia Diarist Group for a short while. So lovely to see everyone.

After lunch I take myself off to the craft room, I haven’t done much crafting lately, so I thought a relaxing afternoon away from computers would do me good.

Then late afternoon me and hubby go for a wander up to the prom where the film crew are setting up camp


All in all not a bad day! Then I check my emails and more and more things are creeping into my diary…looks like May is going to be a busy month!

Diary – Exhausted!

Tuesday 27th April 2021

Before going to bed last night, hubby reminded me about the moon, and a friend had also tagged me in a link earlier in the day. The Pink Moon…woo excited! Well I was until the clouds came rolling in!

I managed a few eerie shots before the clouds took over, hiding the beauty of the Pink Moon

Pink super Moon

I wake this morning to rain! Yes rain! Haven’t had this for quite sometime, no bright sunshine coming through the windows, just windows that are full of raindrops obscuring my vision.

My head is heavy this morning, feels like it’s full of rubbish…it is that awful weirded feeling that I haven’t had for quite some time. It’s the I’ve definitely overdone things!

I had a funny feeling this would happen, far too much has been going on around me over the last few days. I’m used to the quiet plod along in my own little world kinda day, all the noise, busyness, extra cleaning and preparation involved has caused me to overload.

I don’t think my camera helped matters yesterday as it was after 2pm before we actually got my morning photos transferred on to my iPad, I was getting quite agitated…well more worried really, that I would loose all my morning walk photos! I didn’t want to loose any of my adorable cute duckling images

Me and Hubby managed to grab about 90 minutes in the zoo late afternoon. A little bit of chill out time or should I say camera time, hopefully to get me back to a calmer me!

Silver Back
Hubby took this photo, had to share my camera today 😱
Mr Giraffe
Don’t think this guy was to impressed with the camera!
Look she is here again!
Yep definitely the same camera woman!

I did feel a little calmer after a wander around the Zoo…Woo and an ice cream!

Today it is a definite take it easy day or I think my head will explode!🤯

I go for my walk on the beach this morning My head is not at its best and I am so tired.

Weather very cloudy with the odd shower earlier this morning
Area cleared near to the beach and prom, getting ready for the film crew arriving

Apparently our coast road is closed for 8 days in a few days due to the film crew filming Star Wars, can’t remember the exact date, all I know is it will disrupt beach and prom walking and the main coastal road for travelling

Might get some interesting photos, fingers crossed.

This morning I catch up on answering emails, then after lunch I just pottered around in the garden for a while. It’s like I am in slow motion today, I just have No Energy!

Diary – Hubby’s Birthday Day

Monday 26th April 2021

Hubby’s Birthday Today 🎂

I woke super early 4.30am, made myself a cup of tea and sat for a while before deciding to go to the Nature Reserve for an early walk. I was hoping to see the sunrise but as usual I get distracted, so the sun has risen before I arrive

Sunrise at the Nature Reserve

I spend a good hour wondering around, camera in hand seeing what I can capture today.

Some one is singing their little heart out this morning, which is very relaxing just listening to his wonderful song.

Can’t go around the nature reserve without checking in with Grebe Family. Mum with her 2 Grebettes waiting patiently for Dad to return with breakfast .

Dad arrives, the two little hungry Grebettes pop their heads out ready to receive his offering.

The Grebe family are not out on the water this morning, they are staying in the nesting area, far too many threats from Gulls and preying Herons to venture out and about just yet

On the larger pond it’s a different story, there are baby ducklings. I snap away with my camera…How am I going to choose the best photos to add to my blog from all the duckling photos I do not know!

They are all so cute!

The Heron as arrived and is watching from the other side of the pond.

He is pre occupied with fishing, so let’s hope he catches plenty.

I always spot little birds flitting in and out of the grasses and reeds, I do have trouble trying to capture them some days as my brain and hand don’t seem to be coordinated, just a little too slow. Then I get distracted by another noise or hear something flying overhead…That’s it missed what I’m trying to focus on!

I think it’s just luck sometime…but I won’t tell you that! Ha! Ha!

I can’t stay too long at the reserve this morning…things to do and parents visiting

Wow it’s been a busy few days!

My head definitely needs to rest so only a short blog today.

It has been such a busy few day and my brain has decided writing is not very easy when tired and getting muddled

Diary – Special Moments

Friday 23rd April 2021

I wake around 5.30am to what looks like a beautiful sunrise forming, I can just about see the orange glows over the roof tops and strips of deeper orange sweeping through the sky.

I could get dressed quickly and jump in the car to watch, but me and rushing round doesn’t happen anymore, I just find myself going around in circles not knowing what I’m doing causing confusion and frustration.

I need to have things ready to hand now, like when I’m going on my morning walk. I prepare keys, camera, phone, dog lead, poo bags, bird food, coat, hat, gloves, shoes, all together in the kitchen. Otherwise I’m just going around in circles not knowing if I have got everything.

I also like to sit quietly now in a morning, sipping my cup of tea and generally waking up and giving my brain time to start working. I always check through social media and then when I feel able start, I make notes on my days blog. I am one for routine and even more so now… It’s what keeps me going…keeps me on track throughout my day.

I have had some lovely comments on my blog post just recently, this makes my writing all the more worthwhile, knowing that what I say and how I’m feeling is a comfort to others who are on their dementia journey.

It’s a beach walk morning today, Charlie loves the beach, still picking pebbles up even without teeth!

Charlie just loves the sea and the beach

I have a busy day today getting my jobs done and attending zoom meetings, so I am trying to juggle everything. By mid afternoon I had overloaded myself and just needed to escape to nature, so camera in hand off I go to a small local woods, The Towers.

It may only be a small area of woodland but it’s beautiful and full of wildlife to see if you just sit and take the time to actually look around you. I see in the pond a Moorhen having a bath, when I zoom in there is a terrapin, then another and another. I stand watching for a while until Toby gets fidgety and wants to move on

As I walk only a little further something catches my eye, I thought it was just a magpie skimming the tree branches, then I noticed it was more colourful and now he was climbing up the tree. It was a woodpecker and he was moving very fast, scuttling up the tree, stopping for a quick look then off again further up the tree. Camera zooming in and out because of the branches getting in the way, I manage to capture as he stops for a short break. That was a hold my breath moment!

A cheeky little Blue Tit was hopping across a nearby branch, he was full of energy, very comical to watch!

Just being in the woodlands with the sounds of the birds, takes me to a different place, a calmer place. I think I should just live outdoors!

Saturday 24th April 2021

We have a busy weekend, it’s hubby’s Birthday on Monday, so we have family over Sunday and Monday. So before all the hustle and bustle starts I am taking myself off to the park to chill with nature.

7.10am I arrive, just love this time of the day as it’s quiet and I always think you have a better chance of spotting some of the smaller birds.

This morning I was so right as Mr Robin took food from my hand and I captured him on camera

I don’t know how I kept so calm. I know I took a sharp intake of breath which was held for quite a while! I was amazed! Wow What A Special Moment!❤️

I can now see all the Herons nests in the large tree in the middle of the lake, the youngsters look quite comical,

From the Herons to the Coot chicks a little bit of cuteness in a funny sort of way

Lots of little birds darting in and out of the trees

Lots of Squirrels about, Toby was really good at spotting the squirrels!

Back home for 9.30 am, FaceTime for an hour with a friend, then it’s time to start my baking. It’s been a busy day and as usual by late afternoon I’m shattered.

It has been a good day and with Mr Robin landing on my hand made it extra special ❤️

Sunday 25th April 2021

I am awakened by Flick our little Westie crying, it’s not her normal whinge…I want feeding cry…or I want to go out. It is the cry that something isn’t quite right. I immediately jump out of bed, when I open the bedroom door Hubby is by her side comforting her. She has been like this before and we do realise age is against her now but within an hour she is ok again and sleeping in her bed all nice and cosy.

On the Beach around 7am for our morning walk

We have a busy day with family arriving, so hubby sort the garden seating area out while I’m indoors finishing of the cake and tea prep.

It has been a busy few hours and when everyone has left for home, hubby goes in to make a brew…Guess what! I only forgot to offer cake…the ones I spent hours making!

I did manage to take one or two photos of the grandchildren …we’ll most probably more than one or two! It was so nice to see them. We have really missed them growing and changing.

The 2 Boys played really well together
Adam…Laughter…Lots of Fun
Henry…loving the Little Tykes Car

Now it’s time to chill as my brain needs to recuperate… I’m exhausted.

Worth it though!

Eeeee I have encountered a few special moments this weekend ❤️

Diary – Everything is Brighter

Thursday 22nd April 2021

I captured the moon again last night as it caught my eye when I was letting the dogs out, it seemed brighter than usual so had to go and grab my camera

Early start as usual, as soon as hubby has gone to work, I am off on my morning venture with Toby and Camera.

The sun is out, we have clear blue sky this morning and I’m feeling clearer and less muddled, it’s gonna be a good day!

There are a few photographers out this morning

I approach the pond I realise why. Both Mr and Mrs Grebe are out swimming which hopefully means with the baby Grebettes

Baby in between Mum & Dad

This a hard task to capture, I did not realise that the Grebettes ride on Mums back under her wings…Wow this is amazing to watch. The amount of times I have held my breath this morning while capturing a photo, it’s ridiculous, I’m surprised I haven’t hyperventilated

Checking the baby
Giving a Mum a kiss ❤️
Having a look around
Having a swim

I clicked away frantically, other photographers taking up the best viewing points, which made it difficult to get near. I am just so privileged to be here watching such a wonderful moment.

Absolutely captivating ❤️

I go off for a walk around with Toby to see what else I can spot, as the swans fly over and land in a nearby pond

The sunlight on the ducks bring all the colours out in their plumage, just so vibrant

Sunlight captures glimmering vibrant colours
So still
Baby Coot ❤️

As I walk further round I spy a baby Coot in the reeds, Mum following close by, to keep a watchful eye on the pesky seagulls

Then from under the bridge a couple of ducklings come swimming out, it’s like they have a super turbo powered engine! Darting about at super fast speed, so difficult to capture a clear photo. I hang over the side of the bridge with my camera trying to get a photo

Just so cute

I leave by the swans, all had their breakfast now.

It is an absolute beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. I catch up on a few jobs and some emails that I haven’t answered as yet. Fill in my diary, then tune into Deepness Dementia Radio.


It was my recoded interview today 1 of 100 – Dementia Radio are interviewing 100 people with dementia and playing their story.

I can’t remember when it was actually done.

Just something else I had forgotten that I had done!

I was quite emotional especially when they played

1. Our wedding song

2. The song I always sing to my Grandson Adam

Been a much better day today 😊