Diary – Technology

Friday 3rd April 2020

🦠🦠 Day 11 Lockdown 🦠🦠

Woke with the aftermath of the headache I had yesterday, it’s like it’s just lingering slightly ready to make an appearance if I over do things, so less time on social media and iPad today or I may aggravate.

I also keep seeing strange little bruises appearing mainly on my arms, perfect little circles

Haven’t a clue how they get there or what is causing them, total mystery

I quickly check Twitter and Facebook then out for my morning walk, again the police are sat on the prom car park in their police van watching as people turn up in cars. This really unnerves me and makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. I walk down the prom to the cafe which is closed because of the lockdown, seeing a couple out for their morning walk on my way , we keep a distance but say good morning with a smile 😊 When this happens it so brightens my day 😊 just having eye contact with a real person that acknowledges you feels great. So many people are not speaking and not making eye contact at the moment it’s as if they are scared to because of the virus.

Toby and Charlie keeping watch

Back home I need to keep off my iPad so I clean the bathroom and the kitchen, that will keep me away from social media and staring at a computer screen.

Well the cleaning takes me all morning …I am definitely not as quick as I used to be as I do get so distracted along the way. The important thing is I am still able to get things done at my own pace 😊

The thing with dementia which I am learning the hard way to take things slowly… not to push myself and be kind to me 😊 The headaches are the worst for me as they do stop me from carrying on when they get bad with the awful feeling of being unbalanced which is like being on rough seas which can make me feel nauseous sometimes. So yesterday after the zoom meeting I did very little.

I have used my iPad for shorter periods of times with longer breaks in between today so not to aggravate my headache which has seemed to help.

I only had 1 Zoom meeting today, not as many people so a lot easer to cope with and easier on my brain 😊 I enjoyed the meeting a great deal. Met more new people today 😊

I am lucky I am be able to use technology whilst in my dementia world, joining groups and everyone sharing tips on how to cope, exchanging tips on new hobbies…some of which where very interesting indeed.

Such wonderful people 😊 I have been so very fortunate to meet whilst in lockdown & on my dementia journey

Living well with dementia and learning new things all the time 😊

Trying to remember, that’s the problem 😊

Diary – All Zoomed and FaceTimed out

Thursday 2nd April 2020

🦠🦠Day 10 Lockdown 🦠🦠

Didn’t sleep too well last night at all, I am accepting the disturbed sleep better since discussing with my doctor a few weeks ago. I think most of my slight changes we discussed was linked to my Alzhiemers which sort of put my mind at ease.

I’m quite agitated this morning and headachey, I don’t know why…feel a bit lost.

I set off for our beach walk but as I approach I see a police van which upsets me a little as I feel I should not be outside, so I only have a very short beach walk as I felt uncomfortable with the police around.

It’s a little rough at sea this morning with grey skies creeping in

Back home in the warmth and a cup of tea in hand I read some lovely comments left on my blog which is nice, I have never connected so much with people on social media. I do hope when everything is back to normal it continues but Not to over rule the art of face to face communication and hugs which we all need.

I am looking forward to another Zoom meeting with Wendy and lots of other lovely people this morning so better sort myself out as my time management is not what it used to be 😂

Well I got myself in a bit of a spin trying to connect to the Zoom meeting my head not working to full capacity today and sidekick interfering 🙈 can’t seem to work anything out, going through emails, invites looks like I’m gonna have to miss this one ☹️ it’s just not happening.

Woo at last 10/15 minutes later success I’m in the meeting 😊 if at first you don’t succeed, KEEP TRYING!

My friend Janice rings after lunch so we have a lovely chat, we have been friends for years, bet it’s going on near 30 years. How time flies.

Then my friend Peter FaceTimed me which was nice, he has received his letter to he must stay in for 12 weeks, so I definitely need to keep checking in with him on FaceTime.

My head is booming as I am all zoomed, phoned and FaceTimed out, so only a short blog today as I need to rest.


Wednesday 1st April 2020

🦠🦠Day 9 Lockdown 🦠🦠

Got my lockdown days in a muddle good job I backtracked to double check as I had put the wrong number of days, you can’t rely on me now 🙈😂

Amongst all the uncertainty, staying in doors, anxiety, boredom, feeling totally lost ☹️ We will get through this pandemic! What we will be like when we can eventually open our doors and step outside, to have some retail therapy, talk to our neighbours without shouting from a distance, just go back to our old routines. Who knows!

Yesterday’s online meeting we talked about facing our fears, mine is forgetting how to drive as I am not out and about in my car…Also my words, because I am not out and about attending meetings, groups, visiting family I haven’t got

(I sit here trying to think of the words but it’s just blank, nothing, a head of emptiness)

The people contact, the ….

Dementia is a scary world as it is sometimes without the isolation and uncertainty.

Right come on Gail!! Pull yourself together!! I will be depressing myself so time to go for my morning walk…Try to motivate my day.

So glad I went out for my walk when I did, as I saw the lady that I haven’t seen for a while. She also walks her dog on the beach around the same time as me but since the lockdown I haven’t seen her…So it was lovely to see a friendly face even if we did have to keep a safe distance, it was just nice to speak to an actual person.

I am contemplating doing a supermarket shop today but at the moment dithering a little, anxious as I don’t think I can cope with any cueing.

9.50am well I’m here on the car park of our local supermarket, the cue is not too bad, perhaps 10-15 people but very organised and moving quickly as I approach.

10 minutes later I am in the supermarket doing my shopping walking backwards and forwards forgetting things as I go having to retracing my steps, double, double checking my list as I don’t want to forget anything. There are quite a few empty shelves…also products have been moved around and are not in their normal place, which completely throws me as I do get used to the layout of a supermarket.

Job done and I am so pleased with myself 😊

It wasn’t the most relaxing of atmospheres as people are not making eye contact like they used to.

I made a conscious effort to say good morning to the lady at the back of me when cueing to go into the supermarket…Also the check out operator.

Home putting shopping away… I think I managed to get most things, well I did forget one or two but not essential.

I got some meat out of the freezer to make spaghetti bolognese the other day, I thought it was mince beef… When I purchased it I thought it was mince beef. When it defrosted and I came to use it. It was stewing beef 🙈

I stood cutting the stewing beef into tiny pieces as I had no mincer so I could make spaghetti bolognese 😂😂

I do prefer spaghetti bolognese made with mince beef 😂😂

I call my friend Peter as I had not heard from him and I think it’s been a few days, so need to make sure he is ok. Just remember he told me about one of his lovely neighbours dropping some DVD’s off on his door step for him to watch while he is in isolation, what a lovely thought…Then he proceeds to tell me, he realised he doesn’t have a DVD player so he can’t watch them 😂 we did laugh 😂 The thing is with me and Peter we always manage to make one another laugh even if we are feeling low 😊


Tuesday 31st March 2020

🦠🦠 Day 8 Lockdown 🦠🦠

Hubby working so I’m home alone today

When you wake and have in your head it’s Monday, when you look at the calendar and it says Tuesday, you look at your iPad it says Tuesday but your head still tells you it’s MONDAY🙈 this is what isolation and dementia does to you, probably mainly dementia as my days are getting more confused as I struggled before the lockdown…Now the confusion is worse 😞 no diary entries, no family visits, no visiting grandchildren, no dementia meetings .

This lockdown is tough for everyone! It’s extremely hard for someone with dementia, all the changes in routine…mind blowing 🙈 our brains are not functioning on full capacity on our good days 🙈

Me and Toby go for our morning walk, the prom and beach are busy this morning which unnerved me slightly, I reach for my phone to take a photo…nope it’s not in my pocket oh no, hope the phone hasn’t dropped out of my pocket 🙈. I turn around and walk down the road tracing my steps then take a slight detour so Toby gets a good walk. No phone 😞 I’m sure I put it in my pocket!

Back home, phone on the kitchen breakfast bar, well that’s a relief but no beach photos 🙈 so I find some photos I took last year

Well I must motivate myself, which I am finding harder… it feels easy to sit in a chair and watch TV because we have no appointments, no visitors or places to go.

I go into the greenhouse / garden and plant my seed potatoes and radishes and more pricking out of seedlings which takes me up until lunchtime, so that occupies my morning 😊

my cuttings which I took from some plants last summer are doing well, which have surprised me as I just left them in the greenhouse over the winter with very little care

After lunch clear away and it’s time for another Zoom Meeting with Wendy Mitchell and lots of other lovely people, so cup of tea at the ready, I have my yellow “I want to talk” card and of course my IPad.

I really enjoy the meetings, we may not be able to meet in person, but to be able to meet virtually is the next best thing to keep talking and interacting

We have a FaceTime session with Mark, Hannah and little Henry early evening, then hubby goes off to do some more work on his tree fairy house.

None of my favourite soaps on TV ☹️

Taken from The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

Diary – Be kind to yourself

Monday 30th March 2020

🦠🦠Day 7 Lockdown 🦠🦠

I wake at 6.38am in to the kitchen to let the dogs out and make a cup of tea, I think I have put the kettle on to boil, I feed the dogs, I turn and make my cup of tea but this morning my tea does not look as it should, takes me a while to realise….I poured in cold water. I hadn’t even switched the kettle on, in my head I had.

I have noticed trying to do too many things at once is a disaster, I was attempting brunch yesterday when I got in a right muddle, I get my timings all wrong, majorly flustered, hubby to the rescue.

Hubby does leaves me to try, he does not want to take over so I loose what I can still do, I do need his help more in the kitchen now especially if I’m cooking a few things as I get confused with…how…if I have…when to…It’s just hard work for my brain to work things out. I hate to have to give in, but sometimes I have to now. It’s Not weakness it’s just being kind to my self.

Me and Toby off for our early morning walk, the usual route which is only 5 minute walk to the beach

Then a walk down to Mary’s Shell through the park and home

My Mum FaceTimes me so we have a good chat, hubby goes off to carry on with his tree stump fairy house then I do a quick tidy round before Zoom

Today I am attending the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group on Zoom, still getting used to using this Zoom, was different today as I couldn’t see everyone that was in attendance which confused me a little, the 1st one I attended last week I could see everyone which was more comfortable and easier to work out. Too many things going on today with people speaking and then the chat thing with messages, I like things that are simple now.

After lunch our new device has arrived Facebook Portal, wow bigger than what we thought, still messing around with it at the moment, called my daughter Vikki, she said she could see us moving around and the camera follows you, you don’t have to carry it around.

So far so good, we will sit down later and find out what else it does, let hubby have a play as I will only get muddled.

I do a bit of pricking out of my seedlings which passes a good hour or so but back aching from bending over so will do some more tomorrow

We speak with my Mum and Dad on our new Facebook Portal still learning as we go, think it will be a welcome addition as I do use FaceTime and even more since the lockdown.

The portal displays all my photos on a rolling program which is nice to watch all my memories over the years ❤️

Diary – A quiet weekend

Saturday 28th March 2020

🦠🦠 Day 5 Lockdown 🦠🦠

Last weekend we could still get out and about keeping a safe distance, being responsible… some retailers where still open, hubby was able to go to pick up our DIY products we had ordered and there was no limits on how any times I could walk the dogs as long as we kept our distance.

It’s a different sort of weekend this weekend, hubby will find out what it feels like to be in lockdown. Hubby is still working so he’s out and about on his postie duties, so to be in the house all day is alien to him and he has 3 days off 🙈 Gonna be an interesting 3 days.

I’m up just before 6am, I think I woke during the night, a dog was barking, did I get up? Can’t remember! But I can vaguely remember a dog barking, was I dreaming? Who knows!

Me and Toby head off for our morning walk

Quite clear this morning, won’t be seeing the Isle of Man ferry this morning as the last ferry sailed last night until further notice.

Quiet out this morning, could be because it’s quite chilly

On our way back home we spot the daffodils still flowering

Home in the warmth with a nice cup of tea, I can tell hubby is fed up he has gone on the Xbox

I realise it’s been a month since I printed out my diary ( use my blog as my diary) so I set too sorting my diary out getting confused and annoyed with myself whilst doing it.

I have my pad so I can write down where I am, as I keep loosing what I have printed off and not printed. I have my notes to help me use the computer programs, without them I’m useless

About an hour later I have managed it. Not doing that again was giving me a headache, definitely need to remember to print off daily!

I have messages and photos sent to my phone from family, which always brightens my day.

After lunch I decide to bake, can’t do lots not enough eggs an can’t just nip to the supermarket now. I just make brownies and cheese scones today

3.35pm I’m tired now, so feet up.

Everyday just seems to mingle into one since the lockdown, I don’t seem to have a structured day anymore which confuses my clock, day, date routine has gone right out the window.

8.30pm hubby is outside watching for the space station…he shouts me and the space station fly’s over head in the nights sky.

Sunday 29th March 2020

🦠🦠 Day 6 Lockdown 🦠🦠

Well the dogs woke me this morning at 6.45am? well that’s what it says on my phone and watch but just looked at the clock now and it says 6.10am looked at my iPad and it says 7.10am 🙈 I sit going through social media woops the clocks should have been changed I think.

I go out for my morning walk with Toby and Charlie this morning, very quiet out and about which is good, but then again it is absolutely freezing 🥶 the wind just cuts straight through this morning… should be thankful I am fortunate enough to be able to get out.

Toby posing, as the sunrises over the houses on to the beach

Charlie enjoying water play

Dogs are happy they have had a good walk and play on the beach and I’ve had my daily exercise.

Back home hubby needs something to do…I knew he wouldn’t last long before he was looking for something ” Gail find me something to do” Then he comes up with an idea “fairy house” I have always wanted a tree stump fairy house for the garden 😊 I’m so excited! So off we go into the garden to choose my tree stump, we have lots of logs around so I’m sure we can find some suitable.

Let the fairy houses begin

I’m having trouble with the door frames today, I think they keep moving 🙈 cause I’m walking into them all the time. It’s a rough ship I’m sailing today 😂😂

Give us something to do for the next week or so.

Speak with my daughter Samantha on the phone which is nice and good to hear everyone is well 😊

As hubby is busy with all the sawing and cutting I go off into my little workshop to try and digitise a design into embroidery stitches…I have only been trying to do this for over a week, not very successfully I might add. Hurray!! 4 hours later success 😀 about time! I was getting ready to throw the towel in, but glad I kept going. I used to do this every day just over a year ago and now I get myself into a right old muddle remembering the different processes, getting angry with myself along the way. At least I do still try.


Friday 27th March 2020

🦠🦠Day 4 Lockdown 🦠🦠

Well I slept pretty good last night but don’t always feel better for it.

Hubby is off out too work this morning which leaves me wondering what today will bring once I have been for my morning walk with Toby.

I have no idea what to do with my self. I am now missing visiting my family as it has been a good few weeks since I have seen them and know it’s gonna be a good few more to keep us safe while the virus is still on the increase.

That’s enough about the virus… I will try and lighten my blog with happy things.

My daughter sent me a photo of my oldest grandson who needs his hair cutting. messing around, she put a bobble in his hair, which made me smile 😊

How could I not smile at this photo 😊

Been looking through some of my photos and picked out some of the ones that make me smile. I was having difficulty finding the ones I really wanted and putting them In to a collage, I was getting mixed up with my phone and also struggling to use my collage app today, so photos a bit higglety pigglety today 🙈

Me and Toby have our daily walk, Charlie stayed at home today not interested in walking. We quietly stroll up to the beach which is a lot quieter this morning 😊 so we have a leisurely walk along the beach through the park and back home.

Toby having a paddle

Who’s that?? I don’t think Toby has worked out it’s his reflection 😂

I have been out in the garden again doing a few more fencing panels while the weather is nice. That’s all the back garden fencing done 😊 hurrah !😀

At last I have sat down and I wonder why I’m tired… I really need to learn to pace myself.