Diary – Less Screen Time! More Me Time!

Thursday 29th October 2020

I wake after a disturbed nights sleep still feeling tired, I don’t pick my iPad up or my phone, I make a cup of tea listening to the morning news in the background as I make the bed. I then sort myself out for our morning walk…today is going to be a wet one as the rain is pouring and the wind is blowing. Again I am not phased by the dismal weather as I am just glad to be outside in the fresh air.

Me, Toby and Charlie have our rain attire on as we walk up towards the beach. The rain is blowing in our faces…Toby and Charlie are fine they have a fur coat covering their face…mine is bare, well it was the last time I looked!

The combination of the wind and rain against my face is icy cold. The rain is hitting us with some force now and I can hear the rain drops battering against me as they hit my coat and smother my face in the icy cold rain. I’m outside in the fresh air and I really don’t care!

Back home to the warmth. We all dry off and I make a hot drink which I sit sipping and thinking about how I feel. I am so tired of feeling rubbish, I have been like this on and off for weeks now…bloody headaches! Feeling Nauseous ! Fatigue!

I get changed out of my dog walking attire with the thoughts going around in my head what to do for the best, I’m not one to saying No! I always try my best to accommodate…but I am just to weary at the moment.

I have a zoom meeting at 11am Watercolour painting with Frannie and I really really enjoy doing the painting, it’s something new and it’s relaxing. The fatigue, nausea and headaches are taking all the enjoyment away at the moment as I am finding concentration hard.

I put my smile on join the meeting telling people that I am ok when I’m not…I think most of us do that! The false smile! I sit making notes, as what is being said won’t stay in my head, it will just disappear. I am joining in the painting but after 30 minutes my head is starting to ache from the concentration and by the end I am feeling rubbish.

I make myself a cup of sweet tea and something to eat and that’s when I realise…I simply can not carry on with all these zooms, I begin by email 3 of the groups that I won’t be joining for a while. This was not an easy decision and I am so sad, but I simply have to take time for myself …sometimes I / we all forget I do have dementia.

I will do the meetings and the crafting session that have been already booked in as I never let people down, but I will not be taking on anything else until I have had a good break and some me time.

So it’s less screen time!

More Me Time!

After lunch I finish of sending my emails, turn the TV off, put my phone and iPad to one side and sit in my comfy chair….no background noise from the TV or radio, just the rain on the windows and the wind whistling down the chimney. I sit take a deep breath and just close my eyes, taking in the calmness, just to actually sit…just sit and do nothing until hubby walks through the door absolutely wet through…soaked to the skin. A posties job is not a good one when it been a day like today with relentless rain.

So it’s been a relaxing afternoon of nothingness.

Diary – Screen Time 😱

Wednesday 28th October 2020

I don’t know about you, but social media is very addictive and in these strange times of lockdown and tiers, dark nights and wet dismal days I am finding myself entering the world of social media more…Which only means more screen time…which leads to the headaches…fatigue and feeling nauseous.

We all need to feel connected to people and more of us are finding that out iPads and phones etc, are our lifeline of connection to others…which leads to more screen time!

I can remember my parents always telling me too much TV would give me square eyes! Today I think most of us would have square eyes! Not through too much TV, it would be an accumulation of TV, computers, phones, tablets or laptops. How many of us switch from watching tv to then going on our phones…tablets…iPads or even watching tv and also using our phones and tablets. So easy to fall into the social media trap of having to check people’s stories and links…which leads to more screen time. Writing my blog everyday is screen time.

I bet if you actually add up the hours / how many times a day we actually pick up and use our devices it would be shocking!

I really need to change my screen time habits!

It has almost become an obsession!

Last week on my iPad alone I was averaging 4hrs 19 minutes a day and around 1 hour 4 minutes on my phone, that is not including my computer…this is a ridiculous amount of time spent looking at a screen …No wonder I am suffering from fatigue and headaches!

So with that IPad down and off to the beach with Toby to sit by Mary’s shell watching and listening to the sea

Love just sitting watching the waves almost dancing…jumping in the air and unfurling into beads of white froth

The sea is so mesmerising!

After I have sat for quite sometime we head off through the park wher even the seagulls are finding it a little windy as they are being pulled across the sky also having trouble making a steady landing.

The trees are nearly bear as their leaves have been stripped

Back home I have a couple of Zoom meetings which I have limited my time between them so not to overload myself.

I am a little fatigued after my last one and take myself off to chill in my craft room.

I paint an abstract kinda watercolour but concentration is low and I am just not in the mood, so me and hubby sit and watch Tipping Point…How I love this game show ❤️

Diary – I Just Walk

Tuesday 26th October 2020

Today I wake and decide to walk before doing anything as I just had the urge to walk, so that’s what I did. It was a little damp out but a bit of dampness will not affect me only my hair! Which turns into an unruly frizzy mess, as my hair is naturally curly. Hair scraped back into a ponytail, coat, hat and gloves on…me Toby and Charlie set off.

We walk up to the beach but the tide in, so no beach walk, it’s a prom walking day today as we set off towards Cleveleys centre.

We walk past the wonderful Mary ‘s shell

We pass the Ogre, or where he should be. We couldn’t see the ogre today as he was covered by the sea.

We pass the Ogre’s paddle

Eventually we reach Cleveleys centre and I do think about walking some more, but then I realise, if I carry on walking I have to be able to get home and hubby is at work so can’t phone him, so we about turn and walk back but on the road this time

We pass the little fairground that has stood here for years. No rides! They have all been loaded into a wagon and taken away…I hope it will return as I have never known the rides to be moved before. Not even through the winter months.

We pass the plants and flower beds along the road side…they just starting to come back to life after the horrendous storm we had at the beginning of the year ( can’t remember the name of the storm) Next year they should have recovered and be blooming lovely!

I spy a ginnel in the middle of some houses on our route home… woo I think wonder where this leads…so off I go. We get to the end…mmmm where am I? I try to get my bearings just about to turn around and go back down the ginnel, when I spot a post box ” I wonder” so I carry on walking …it is…it’s the postbox I use! I know exactly where I am now.

Home and shattered that was a good walk!

I catch up on some housework and before I know it it’s lunchtime, so I have lunch and then record and send a diary through to the Dementia Diaries. I also do a recording for the Deepness Dementia Radio

Energy level now moving to low, I decided I can’t face the Tuesday Tonic Zoom.

Mum rings me and she surprised I’m available and not zooming! We chatter about the usual things…how bad the weather is…family…things she has been doing…things I have been doing…how things are going in general.

Before I know it it’s time to start cooking the tea. I don’t know where my time goes now! I always seem to be busy one way or another, definitely time to re jig my diary!

I need to seriously look at how I am managing my time.

Tiredness, headaches and nausea are affecting me most days by late afternoon.

Time to slow down and cut back on activities if that’s the right word.

Diary – Overworking my brain?

Monday 26th October 2020

Well the clocks went back yesterday and it seemed so strange when it was dark just after we had eaten tea. It almost feels claustrophobic as if the darkness has consumed my outside world.

My nights sleep was rubbish waking at around 12.05am then again at 1.30am, 5.10am and finally at 7.15am. I really don’t know why…I was coughing at one point well I think I was…I did have some water next to the bed, so I had been in the kitchen to get a small bottle of water.

I began thinking today about sleep or lack of, also the extreme tiredness from zoom…social media…generally screen time. So can we over work our brains? Is this why lots of us with dementia struggle with sleep…headaches and exhaustion. Are we trying too hard to please others…to show others that we can still do things. It is a tough one as I know I am still in the process of acceptance of my diagnosis and almost trying to prove that I am still Me! Gail! Not just that person with dementia.

Before the lockdown i attend meetings a couple of times in a month, with maybe a training session to take part in or a dementia hub to assist with. Now I have a zoom meeting nearly every day some days I have 2. I am trying to keep the meetings to a minimum now, but I still have a fair few Zooms to attend. I also have my blog to write which takes up a chunk of my time. Then there is preparation work for some of the meetings and so on. The zooms can sometimes be quite intense and on the other hand very enjoyable and I don’t know what I would have done with out them.

It’s funny how my dementia journey twists and turns as I find my way. Sometimes being led down wrong roads or just roads that lead no where, so thenI have to back track to find a new path. Some will tell you or they want you to believe that there is not much in the way of support. Why I have no idea, as joining groups testing them for yourself is a great way forward.

My first group I joined “Freshers” which I was truly thankful for, as I was in contact with people like me. We all had dementia.

Then the local memory clinic set up a group “YoYo” still very new and it’s ok but in the early stages.

I was led to believe that these where the only groups available to me so I believe what I was told as I had no reason to question

When lockdown came, that’s when I went searching. I began to think there has got to be more out there somewhere. My search started in a big way, looking through social media until I came across quite a few groups. I can remember signing up to a webinar and a group on where there would be discussions on dementia topics…I hesitated and clicked to sign up. Wow this led to other things…other groups and before I knew it within a matter of months I was meeting and joining in with all sorts of interesting and inspirational people…people like me…they all had dementia.

One of the things that stood out for me was the people who where facilitating the groups, they let us speak! They let each and every person with dementia have their say, and they listened…I mean really listened.

I have met so many people…unbelievable really as I don’t think I would have met them but for lockdown. As would still believe there was nothing out there only a few local groups.

I think what I am trying to say is don’t get cocooned in a small world when there are bigger things out there. Look and you will find…choose the road you wish to take, the one that feels right for you! This is your journey! Do what is best for you!

I am now a Dementia Diarist…Involved in craft projects…Deepness Dementia Media…YouTube videos on crafting. Invited to speak on Dementia related subjects. I have been part of a few craft zooms showing how i make my cards and of course My own blog and a few more things in the pipe line.

So am I overworking my brain? Just to prove I can still do things…am I doing too much? Will I make my dementia worse? Who knows!

All these things give me back a purpose, keep me occupied…my brain thinking…working and functioning, The only thing for me is managing my time so I’m comfortable and not creating fuzz and headaches. Also doing things that I want to do, things I enjoy. I am looking in my diary more now and saying no in the nicest of ways. I am trying to be kind to myself.

Now I have rattled on enough, I will share some photos from our morning beach walk

It was wild this morning with plenty of sea foam around. A fellow dementia diarist Wayne reminded me of the Cresta Pop advert ” Its Frothy Man” which brought back memories the brilliant singing bear.

So I will leave you with a couple of links to the cheery Cresta singing bear



Don’t forget about Deepness Dementia Radio



Friday 23rd October 2020

I wake with thoughts popping in and out of my head again, but this morning they are more positive thoughts. I wonder could my mood be lifting?

I receive a video of my grandson Adam all dressed up in his Halloween costume…looking at the camera, with his hands like claws and saying “Roar” “Roar” Wow what an impact a little person can bring. I must have watched the video 20 times …every time I smiled a little more, he just melts my heart. All my grandchildren do… all in different ways as they all have their individual personalities…all unique and all bring a something entirely different ❤️

We have 7 grandchildren ranging from the oldest who will be 12 in December to the youngest who will be 1 in December, unfortunately the lockdown situation for 2020 has seriously disrupted grandchildren time as travelling…visiting has not been the easiest for anyone. So thankful for FaceTime, Snapchat and Zoom.

Wow it’s 8.30am before I know it…don’t know what is happening to my mornings, I keep getting distracted…this morning was with writing my blog!

Time to get dressed and get outside for some fresh air and exercise!

It’s raining! The rain doesn’t seem to bother me today as we walk towards the beach, I realise I have put my lightweight walking coat on as my shoulders begin to feel cold from the rain penetrating my coat…my hands are cold also as I have forgotten my gloves too…but we keep walking because today the rain doesn’t seem to matter.

Not many people out at all, I can just see some people fishing in the distance at the shore edge and hear the cars wizzing past behind me on the coastal road.

I’m going to have a break from typing now as I am beginning to feel nauseous…this happens sometimes when I’m typing now, think it’s the concentration and screen, so time for a break.

Thought I would add some brightness today as we all need brightness on these dull wet days …sharing some colourful flowers from my garden that are still flowering away

My mood has been very hit and miss over the last week or so…I am trying hard to lift my spirits but this has been a very difficult task. Lots of covering up how I truly feel has gone on this week. So I am hoping next week will be a much easier week.

Saturday 24th October 2020

I must have woke 4/5times during the night and at 5.30am I had just had enough so I went and made myself a cup of tea and sorted the dogs out.

Once the dogs are sorted I sit at my computer writing and before I know it nearly 2 hours have passed. I think that’s enough writing for today…don’t want to overload my head and end up with the fuzz or a headache.


It sounds terribly windy outside and think it has just started to rain…typical as the dogs need walking. I take a sip of tea ‘ugh’ it’s cold…it was made 2 hours ago, I have forgotten to drink it as I was consumed in writing.

Off to make another cup of tea I look out of the window but can’t see very much as it’s still dark, only the street lights and lights from the houses to illuminate outside, with spit spots of rain on the window and the howling of the wind around the house, it’s not really a great invitation to the outside world today.

We get out walking just before 8am and it is so windy but at least it is fine. No one out this morning on the beach…the rain starts so we decide to head off home as we walk down the beach with the sand blowing against the back of our legs…good job I have my jeans on and not shorts…I would have been seriously exfoliated this morning by the beach sand whipping against our skin.

Home…back in the warmth with a nice hot cup of tea!

I start to feel a little nauseous mid morning and head feeling a little funny.

The feeling of nausea stays with me on and off through the day so I take myself off somewhere quiet…yes my craft room! I get my watercolours out and mess with the paints getting the feel of the paint and water on the paper. I start with something easy a couple of balloons

Not brilliant but it is my 1st attempt so I am pretty pleased. The next painting I attempt are poppies

Getting the hang of the paint better and I really like this painting

My last painting is of a little Robin, this was much harder for me …but again today is the first time I have ever painted with watercolours or any paint other than emulsion and gloss. I’m quite chuffed with my paintings but I’m definitely no Van Gogh!

Feet up mid afternoon, chilling watching a film about a dog… it wasn’t the best film …I most probably I kept saying it wasn’t the best film I had seen all the way through, as I could tell I had said it before with hubby’s reaction. So time to keep quiet.

Boy did it make me cry at the end though! Even if it wasn’t the best it still upset me!

Flick does not look her normal self tonight which is slightly worrying, so I go to bed worrying which is not good, now I’m up and down checking she is ok.

Sunday 25th October 2020

This morning Flick came to me and looked a little brighter, or am I just hoping she is looking brighter?

The clocks have gone back an hour but my head hasn’t, this will most probably bring confusion for lots of people today with or without dementia…even Toby is confused.

It is absolutely throwing it down outside so I am waiting for the gap where I am hoping the rain will ease so I can get out for a walk with Toby and Charlie, at the moment that gap seems like it could be a long time off!

So I am sitting at my computer writing up my blog watching the rain pour down the windows and I mean pour! All the drips and splashes have mingled into one as they make their way down the window, the sky is a grey and orange colour , more grey than orange though.

I have just been shaking my head at myself…I have an iPad on a stand and the iMac on the same desk. I am typing away with the desk keyboard…when I realise nothing is happening, no text is appearing on my iPad at all.

I can hear noises…bip…bip…bip. The application I am using is on my iPad …Not the iMac ha! ha! I have done this a few times before. It’s like my brain sees the keyboard and think “that’s for typing ” so I tip tap away before realising the keyboard on the desk is Not for my iPad!

Yes! It’s stopped raining! Everybody out! Leg it!

Later in the morning I tidy my wardrobe as warmer clothes need to be sorted out in to separate outfits.

I open the wardrobe doors and sometimes see clothes lots of clothes and then struggle with deciding / choosing or just getting something out to wear. So I tend to wear the same things over and over, while my other clothes just sit in the wardrobe.

After lunch I go to my craft room finish off Mr Sheep and then make some cards, hubby is in his workshop making whatever he is making with bits of wood.

Strange day…it’s that extra hour!

Lost all interest in everything late afternoon, so feet up time to chill.

Diary – Learning something new

Thursday 21st October 2020

Woo learning to paint with watercolours zoom this morning and I can’t wait! I have never painted before, well only emulsion and gloss in our house oh and masinory and fencing paint! It’s a whole new craft for me! How Exciting !

I received my paints, brushes and paper last week I think it was, I am so ready to get started keep opening the little tin of paints and looking at them!

Firstly I have to walk the dogs on this very wet, grey rainy morning. Rain coats on and off we go. Definitely the short walk this morning as it’s that really fine wetting rain…I know that all rain is wet but the fine stuff just seems to wet and soak you even more!

As I get nearer to the beach the rain is blowing against my face like little needles pricking my skin…that’s it had enough! We turn and head off back for home, the dogs don’t mind we are going home either…as they constantly shake the water off their coats. We reach home, the dogs are not running around the garden like they normally do…they stand at the black door willing it to open

As you can see from the above photo…2 very wet dogs! Charlie wishing the door was open 😂

We get out of our wet clothes and I have a cup of tea before the next job of the day an early M&S shop.

11am Painting watercolours with Frances

Learning today the colours, mixing and how they work on the paper, getting used to how much water to use with the paint.

I have very much enjoyed today, Frances is a very good teacher!

Face time with daughter and grandsons…Adam my grandson always makes me smile.

I think that will be it for me today as I had an awful nights sleep so I’m a little slower than normal which is only to be expected

Confusion sets in later in the day. I had my Karcher window vac charging on the worktop, once charged it should be put back in the bathroom cupboard. But when it is fully charged I only try to put it in the fridge! I suppose you are thinking well the bathroom cupboard seems like a strange place to keep a Karcher window vac…No not really as they are great for glass shower screens. Once you have showered just vac the shower screen …Da da no watermarks! Brilliant!

Sat here yawning away as I’m finishing off writing my blog, I think that’s enough for me today.

Diary – Busy Day Writing

Wednesday 21st October 2020

A new day begins, not as organised as previous days as I look at the clock and it’s 8.25am…goodness I’m not dressed or taken Toby out …what have I been doing to make me so distracted till this time. So up I jump out of my chair to go and get dressed to start my day with a walk on the beach with my four legged friend Toby

There is a dampness in the air, at least is fine while we are walking. Just as we turn the corner to our house the rain comes down…so that was a bit of good timing.

I have a zoom meeting at 10am a practice run for a talk I will be doing so I need to prepare myself and get my notes together. I’m at the computer doing last minute preparations when I hear knocking, but it’s not a knocking on a door I can not think what it can be…I look around and there out of the front window are 2 Magpies cleaning their beaks on top of our fence…quite funny to watch. I realise 2 magpies mean Joy! I do hope they bring me some joy…well they made me smile, so that’s a good start!

The zoom meeting goes well, better than I expected, I got a little emotional after I had practiced saying my talk, as it is quite powerful. All is well and just hope the emotion and (can’t think of the word) comes across when I am speaking on the day.

I sit and get myself together make a brew and join the Diarist meeting for the last 30 minutes…thought I should show my face as I haven’t been able to join for a few weeks with one thing and another.

Time to type my notes up after lunch, and answer any emails, as I can’t get outside to do any gardening, as it’s far too wet to be in the garden to day. Inside jobs for me today. I take the opportunity to catch up on paperwork and writing.

I manage to get all my notes typed up and emailed. I make a start on another project that I am involved in but by mid afternoon my head is loosing the will to concentrate and my words are not going down well…plus I can’t find the ones I am looking for…they are hiding in my head somewhere playing hide ‘n’ seek!

Time to give up and call it a day from writing

My air plants are doing really well, I am so pleased with my little self. One plant is just flowering all the time. I have 3 flowers on the plant at the moment and I can see number 4 making its way through. The other plant has had a baby and another two making their appearance…all very exciting as I have never grown air plants before.

Hubby’s new saw arrived, so that is set up now…crafting a go go in our house!

Diary – Recovery College

Tuesday 19th October 2020

Yesterday in my blog I spoke about words and lack of understanding when reading and the words or they do not not look like words…also trying to find the right words can also be a problem when writing…so my writing is becoming more simplified.

I suppose for me and the people whom read my blogs we have to realise that there will be changes, my blog will not be perfect and as time goes on who knows what will happen.

I do have dementia and I write the blog myself with no help or proof reading from another source. It is exactly as I write it. Yes there will be spelling mistakes, grammar errors and in some cases it might not even make sense.

Will I know of the mistakes? Probably not.

I will if you make me aware of them!

Which only brings to the surface that I am making lots of mistakes!

Which brings sadness…a feeling of failure…a feeling of something else dementia Could be taking.

Over the past few weeks people have brought to my attention that I am making grammar errors…spelling mistakes. Not only on my blog, but on my YouTube videos as well. This has highlighted the fact that I am now making more mistakes…spell checker doesn’t actually pick up every mistake I make unfortunately. I can only say I am sorry that my blogs and videos are not perfect…they are not meant to be!

My blog is a true representation of Me living with early onset Alzheimer’s.

This is how it is for Me!

Early Morning

I’m out with Toby and Charlie before 8am on the beach having a walk down to Mary’s Shell

I’m still very up and down and in a way I can’t be bothered with people today, but I join the Tuesday Tonic group as I missed them last week…I can’t get used to the afternoons as I am so much better in a morning so all the way through the meeting I am clock watching, I don’t know what is wrong with me as this group was one of my favourites but I’m just not feeling it today.

Recovery College

I will also mention today about the online courses available through the link below


If you go to the menu on the main page of Deepness Dementia Media…go to Recovery College and scroll down the page there are quite a few courses available…I have done 2 or 3 today 😊

You even get a certificate when you have completed a module.

When you are at a loose end…when the day is wet and cold outside, you could be learn something new in the comfort of your warm cozy home…so why not take a look and try a course or two! It will pass time, and give you a sense of achievement!

Diary – A New Day

Monday 19th October 2020

Hubby and me have been working on an advent calendar for ourselves, I can’t seem to remember ever having one, so time to make something. I’m the designer of the project and I also sort out the 24 little bags to put sweets in. Hubby constructs my design. So the advent calendar was finished off late Sunday afternoon. Really pleased with the finished project. I forgot to include in my weekend blog, so here it is now…better late than never!

I am reluctant to get out of bed this morning, it’s dark, cold and no motivation. I could lie here longer but if I do what will that achieve…Nothing!

So I get up, look at my things to do list on the kitchen work top where Toby is watching me and willing me to go and get dressed…with his eyes just peering at me through his black furry coat.

Toby is my morning motivator, the best motivator anyone could have…my four legged friend who needs to be walked…which makes me walk too.

Out we go for our morning beach walk. No one about this morning, no one to boost my day with a simple good morning…a simple wave of acknowledgement…a nod of the head, no there is no one!

After our walk I tidy the garden of loose leaves and remove the last of the summer hanging baskets…the brightly coloured flowers have now died leaving the garden looking empty. I think I’m like my garden at the moment…empty!

I have a zoom at 10.30 with Ron discussing writing…podcasts and lots of interesting things…something to give me a purpose…a (can’t think of the word) anyway looking forwards to the Zoom.

I did struggle to get on zoom this morning, after the 3rd attempt I realise I an trying to join a later meeting…confusion is a big part of me today!

We finish the Zoom after about 40 minutes and I have emails requesting recordings for the Deep News Letter…Yes I think to myself, I have something else to do!

I start to read through my pages I have to record when, I can’t remember how to pronounce words, they look totally foreign…it’s like a different language! So straight on to Google to help me, if you cannot pronounce a word if you type in ” how do you say” then your word, Google will say it for you, its genius! Well it is for people that can’t remember how the word is pronounced. So after I had had a little panic, got annoyed with myself, as the words I’m reading are unrecognisable, I calm myself down, take a break and read through the pages again and again and successfully record the pages for the Deep News Letter. Well I hope I have

Now time to concentrate on the podcast. I print some of last weeks blogs and begin, again confusion and mixed up words, mumbling and stuttering. Now I give myself a good talking too. Make my self a cup of tea another break and start again.

Another disastrous recording and just about to give up, I give it one more go…success.

I am hoping the more I do this the easier it will become as I will be doing this every week.

With all the recording and reading I forgot about lunch, so it has been a very late lunch today…at least I have remembered before tea time!

So from a day of nothingness to being consumed in reading and recording

The lack of words and the understanding of what is written on the page did kind of upset me slightly, as it’s just something else…another hurdle to get over…Having to find another way to make things easier for me, if there is an easier way.

Later in the day I have a the Zoomettes meeting so I bring the subject up of the words and reading. They are such a supportive group with lots of advice, tips and sharing. So lucky to be part of this group to share good times and bad times with❤️

Diary – Weekend

Friday 16th October 2020

Mum’s Birthday today…a good job we visited yesterday as we are now in one of the Highest Covid restriction areas. We did have a feeling this would happen.

I am so tired today from all the planning…visiting and walking yesterday, which when I checked my watch I had covered over 5 miles in total from mainly running around in circles forgetting things!

I’m always uneasy when we have been visiting and takes me a day or two to settle back down…things jumping in and out of my head…it’s very strange and unsettling, so today has been spent at home catching up on the house hold chores. Hubby cleans the cars and the windows to our house while I’m inside cleaning.

I’m not rushing around today…just taking my time…no time limit…I have all day!

We do manage a short beach walk with the dogs

Hubby & Toby

So that was Friday…a day of catching up with jobs and chillin.

Saturday 17th October 2020

Well I start the day just before 5am doing some ironing…then a diary for Dementia Diarists…I upload and hope I haven’t spoke about the topic before, I couldn’t remember what my last diary was for the Dementia Diarists. I used to keep a log of everything I had spoken about and file it so that I wouldn’t repeat myself. Unfortunately I have been forgetting to log my diaries…not like me as I am normally really organised.

8am me and hubby decide a different walk this morning, so off on our travels. Destination Wire Country Park

I cease the moment of collecting fallen or broken leaves to create some for the door and gate of our house. Yes you will notice there maybe blanks in my blog as I cannot think of the words! So annoying when this happens.

Below are photos of my creations…could this be classed as flower arranging for #dementiaCraftivism

I also do a spot of baking and make a variety…cherry…choc chip…jam…lemon and coconut.

To end the day feet up comfy chair and Strictly

Sunday 18th October 2020

I wake after a relatively good nights sleep…well good for me! I’m a little down in the dumps this morning all sorts going through my head as my eyes fill with tears. I don’t join hubby on the morning beach walk, I clean my fish tank…a distraction from thoughts hopping in and out of my head, suppose I’m hoping the thoughts will just go away. It’s been a tough year this year with the Covid restrictions and I always knew that the winter months would be testing and now stricter restrictions in place just makes every thing more difficult once again.

I try to stay positive and try to find the good…cheery side to most situations but my head is not letting me do that today! When I look outside through the window nothing really inspires me to smile, with the cold grey bland outlook. I really need something to motivate me…to make my smile come back to life…so brightness can fill my day once again.

I spend a good few hours in my craft room, but everything I do today just isn’t working…it’s like my magic has gone…just no sparkle today! I close the door on the craft room and return to the house.

So a strange day…not a day filled with laughter and smiles, but a day of thoughts jumping in and out of my head!

Tomorrow is a New Day so I hope for a brighter day…A smiley Day!