Saturday 21st September 2019

Woke at 6.45am after a disturbed nights sleep.

Walk to the beach but not on the beach long this morning as there was a man with a very large black dog which was not on a lead and came straight for me and Toby, the large dog launched at Toby who growled but shot behind my legs, which is unusual for Toby, the black dog stood looking at both of us and it’s hair was raised on its back, which I did not think was a good sign and was now a little nervous, I asked the man as he got nearer why no lead he said ” it’s friendly “. Could have fooled me! When the man came closer he looked like he had dried blood around his mouth, and looked unwashed. I started to walk away with Toby, but the dog kept following, I asked “can you please put your dog on a lead” the man just laughed and said she chased a few runners yesterday”

In the distance I could see another lady coming down the steps to the beach with her dog, that was it the black dog was off, the lady shouted ” get this dog on a lead” so the man not in any hurry headed over, my time to leave quickly. I could hear growling and snarling and the lady raising her voice again. The next thing a couple of joggers, the black dog spotted, you can guess another problem more raised voices.

Back home, to a more relaxed atmosphere 😊 I bake a cake, Saturday is baking day!

The weather is gorgeous again so I do a spot of ironing outside in the sun, relax for a while, then start on cleaning some outdoor furniture, greased and wrap up for the winter, as the weather is going to be changing.

I have also been doing the winter hanging baskets and planters

We do still have a bit of life in the summer pots, but they are slowly starting to die back now

Making the most of this glorious weather today, love being outside in the garden

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Woke at 6.20am only because the dogs where crying at the bedroom door.

6.40am. The rain came down the thunder crashed and the lightning brightened the sky, what a change in weather in less than 24 hours.

9am We did eventually get a break in the weather so took the opportunity and went to the beach with the dogs.

Back home breakfast and sort out collection of family for Henry’s Christening at 1pm over in Burnley. Quick photo before we leave

We get ready and set off just after 11am which gives us plenty of time for picking daughter up and grandsons. We set off down the motorway heading towards Brierfield, we have not drove through Brierfield for over 2 years, since we moved away to The Fylde Coast

Pick daughter up and grandsons and we are off, we arrive at the church with time to spare, but youngest grandson takes poorly so they had to get a taxi home ☹️

The church is very busy for little Henry Christening, he is a very popular little boy.



Friday 20th September 2019

Woke early 5.30am, I let the dogs out and make a brew, hubby’s now up and getting ready for work.

I’m on the beach by 6.50 am this morning, and what a rare sight Toby and Charlie playing, normally Charlie is digging for stones or in pool, not playing ball with Toby

They have a good run around before we return home.

Today I decided that any appointments / interviews I have attended or have yet to attend, if I am not treated with respect, I will be writing them a letter.

During the last 7 months, of appointments, interviews for one thing and another, I have been ignored, left to my own devices, treated like I have done something wrong. People have left me feeling inadequate and worthless. Most occasions it has been professional people that have made me feel this way, which I find this not acceptable. I was not treated this way before my diagnosis and I did not grow two heads when I got my diagnosis so why treat me any different.

I am so fed up of explaining my diagnosis when they would have received paper work from Doctors, psychologists, Neurologist , and YES I look alright, what do you expect me to look like?

If my leg was broken, would you ask lots of questions, probably not and a broken leg will get better, Dementia is Terminal!

Alzheimer’s is not an illness that gets better in a few months!

I try to keep positive, which I am most days. I smile but sometimes I am screaming inside but this is mostly because people are so blinkered, I’m not old!

But most people still associate Dementia with old people in care homes

I have met Lots of people around my age that all have some form of dementia, we all go through the same struggles at these appointments.

It’s time to change! People Need Educating!

Yippee found a strategy to help me on my iPad to find work easier, print off work I’m using, this is so much easier than closing and open folders, well it is for me 😊 Didn’t once get flustered / frustrated today when uploading poems to be copyrighted.

Now my favourite word is FLUSTRATED 😊

Hubby takes a great photo Night Sky as the sun is going down

(Photo taken from the roof of our house)


19th September 2019

Woke around 6.45am, hubby just leaving for work. Looks lovely outside this morning

Walk on the beach to start the day, then my job is cleaning today.

Couple of action shots of Toby with his ball

Back home brew and set too with some cleaning, still thinking about the Dr from my appointment yesterday, these people do not realise what an impact it can have, it costs absolutely nothing to be nice.

I do my cleaning which I thought I would be finished for 10.30am, how wrong was I moving from room to room, bed half made, washing up half done, duster and vac in another room 😂😂 this is how we roll now, I get there in the end, I’m used to how it goes now so it really doesn’t matter.

I sit outside for a while with a brew, when I have eventually finished my cleaning at 12.30 only 2 hours out 🙈 and decide I can’t just sit and do nothing, so I start writing Christmas Cards, yes you are reading this right Christmas cards, everyone who knows me, knows how organised I am at Christmas I like all cards and presents to be complete by November if I can. Anyway only spent 45 mins on sorting and writing cards had lunch, then sorted myself out for my video session later this afternoon.

Jo calls around about 3ish to video me reading my poem “The Diagnosis” which will be used at the Always Event on the 2nd October. This event is hopefully going to make people in the health care profession and other professions realise what is important to people living with Early Onset Dementia and their families. What we need, and how care can be improved.

Jo picks me up on my age a few times as I keep saying I’m 54 🙈 She reminds me I’m 55 😂 not 54, this is when I like my Alzheimers 😂😂 we have a natter about the meeting from last night and she shows me the layout, I do hope that people listen 👂 on the night to what people with young onset need, not what they think we need.

We go into a quiet area (the man cave) to video, once the video has been recorded, Jo plays it back to me to let me watch the recording, Wow that took me back, that really touched me, tears fill my eyes as the emotions just take over. Jo comments on how powerful the poem actually is, Lets hope it has an impact on the night.

Time for a brew with hubby when Jo has left, get my thoughts together and start on the tea, I also have 3 very hungry dogs watching me, it’s their tea time too.

To end the day me and hubby have a ride up to Rossall Prom to watch the sun set

Perfect end to the day 😊


Wednesday 18th September

Woke at 12.10am coughing quite bad, so got up, had a drink and some medicine, then into the spare room. My head seemed a little better from the fuzziness and headaches.

I settle myself with a drink, pillows propped, tissues & cough sweets, I eventually fall asleep and the next thing I know it’s 7.20am so I managed a good few hours sleep 😊

It’s been a funny day, hubby’s day off, I was late onto the beach this morning,

seemed to take me ages to clean the windows, distractions 🙈

I make lunch around 12.30 and the next thing it’s time to get ready for my appointment with occupational health in Whalley,

I have been distracted with getting my poems copyrighted.

We set off for for Whalley, when over the radio, an accident and diesel spillage has caused lane closures on the motorway we should be travelling on, good job hubby is driving, quick thinking country roads it is.

We arrive at the building in plenty of time, they had requested that we arrive 15 minutes early for appointments, receptionist takes my name “take a seat” that was it! Great customer service 🙈 I am not liking the feel of this place!

A man is also waiting and seems to be in a lot of pain, he looked to be struggling. The wait seems forever and now I need the toilet, so I politely ask the receptionist if there is a toilet I could use her reply was very quick, so quick I did not understand the directions, I said “sorry” again repeated far to quickly so hubby points me in the right direction.

Now with the doctor who is cold, uncaring, straight faced and makes me feel like I am on trial! We came out of the building straight to the car, where I sat and cried.

At last home 😊 looks like chippy tea as it’s going up for 6pm 😊

Later checked emails, 12 of my poems have been successfully copyrighted, a few more to go, but nearly all done

Hubby working on the roof pointing chimney so asked him to take photos of the sunset, and a lovely sunset it is 😊

He also took one of the chimney 😂😂 well he made me laugh, 😂😂 which is what I needed after that afternoon.

Time to chill and watch my soaps 😊


Tuesday 17th September 2019

Wide awake at 12.30, cough cough coughing, now in the spare room so I don’t wake Hubby, iPad out, I can feel a poem coming on, I always write better when I am not feeling my best for some reason

Memory Walk

Today is the day I need to inspire

Alzheimer’s doesn’t mean it’s time to expire

We walk to raise awareness, of this awful disease

Outside it is raining and there’s a slight breeze

We set off towards our meeting destination

Not feeling my best with a sight hesitation

Arrive at the tower all people in blue

All looking good at the venue

A friendly face I spot from afar

He must have just, got out of his car

Peters a great bloke, the founder of Freshers

We stand, talk and laugh it’s always a pleasure

My family arrives, we’re all walking together

This is something, I will always treasure

The atmosphere is happy and so so sad

To remember the love ones, they used to have

The walk will raise money and help to achieve

A cure for this awful degenerate disease

The crowd is now building the atmospheres high

And now I’m looking at a bright blue sky

The music is playing, now a Zumba dance or two

And all you can see, is a sea of bright blue

The people are cheering, and jumping around

Cameras are flashing in the background

We are at the start line ready to go

Anne snips the tape and off we go

Legs are fresh and raring to go

We have a few miles to complete don’t you know

We reach the half way mark with smiles and cheers

I need to hold on to that thought my dear

Everyone is doing fantastically well

When a lady walks past, the waft of chanel

Oh yes I can see it the Finish line ahead

A shiny medal placed over my head

A shiny medal, for the Memory Walk

A big well done, to all you folk!

Gail Gregory

17 September 2019

I am feeling tired around 1.30 so lights out, I can remember coughing for a while, cause it hurt my throat, next thing I knew it was 6.05am.

Hubby makes me a brew and I sit quietly in my chair, well apart from the coughing, I look out the window it looks like it is going to be a lovely day, not that I will be venturing too far.

Toby is sat near my feet, mmm wonder what he wants?

Flick bless her hasn’t a clue what is going on around her now as she is hard of hearing and her eye sight is deteriorating. Flick is 13 and a half years and is doing exceptionally well for her age.

8.20 we set off for the short walk on the beach, there are a few dog walkers around as I am later out again this morning

We find a quiet spot to play ball for a short while then head off back home. Return home to find I have locked the back door but not taken the key out 🙈

I am feeling a little better today apart from the cough, but will be taking things easy again today.

I chill in the garden and write up my blog

As the day goes on I seem to go worse and by tea time I have a bad head, it’s banging, no more blogging for me today ☹️


Monday 16th September 2019

Routine changed today, no Adam as I am not my best.

Only a short quick blog today ☹️

I didn’t sleep too bad considering the running nose and sore throat, woke around 7am just before hubby left for work, I sit with my cup of tea, blowing my nose which is now quite sore and out of the corner of my eye I can see Toby watching me, I tell him we won’t be out long this morning, not that he understands.

8am wrapped up out on the beach, but not for long as I feel rubbish, I just stand and throw the ball Toby is doing all the running around.

We set off walking back home and there is a really strong smell of burning in the air which is getting right to the back of my throat and making me cough more.

Arrive home kettle on for another brew to ease my throat, will have to nip and get some cough medicine later.

I brush and tidy Toby & Charlie up as they are looking a little scruffy, Toby especially after the week away trudging through fields.

That’s it for me today, I hate feeling rubbish ☹️

Diary – weekend

Saturday 14th September 2019

Hoping to get back to my routine today.

Woke a few times during the night, feeling a bit funny today, think I am coming down with a cold as my head and throat feel a little fragile. It’s the memory walk Sunday, I don’t need this.

I get out of bed around 7am after a nice cup of tea I’m in my favourite place, the beach,

I have missed my walks on the beach, think Toby has too.

9am a bit of shopping to do then hubby will be starting the pointing of our roof ridge tiles, hope he is going to be careful up on the roof🙈

I bake 2 cakes for tomorrow as we have family coming over to support me through the memory walk, even my grandson whom has just had open heart surgery is taking part 💙

It’s a beautiful day, a little chilly this morning but fine and bright, hope the weather is on our side tomorrow.

Got all my jobs done, time to chill, couple of paracetamol hopefully make me feel better.

As the day goes on I start to feel rubbish, more paracetamol and hot sweet tea, take it easy, pj’s on after tea and more brews through out the evening, early night for me.

Sunday 15th September 2019

Today is the day of the Memory Walk and I wake up feeling rubbish, sore throat, bad head, streaming nose, and it’s throwing it down outside, could it possibly get any worse! I had an awful nights sleep, there are lots of people feeling worse than me, so pull yourself together Gail!

I walk the dogs quickly as my stomach is aching and I feel rotten.

I try to eat but no, I just have a brew instead. We leave to catch the tram into Blackpool around 9.15am and arrive in plenty of time, there are a few people around and the weather is clearing 😊

I spot Peter, he waves and makes his way over introducing me to someone from the Alzheimer’s Society and introduced me as the New Chair of Freshers, I am so excited to be part of this amazing group 😊

More walkers are arriving and the speakers are now on stage, Anne Nolan and Peter Lyttle

After the speakers have finished and great speeches from both the Zumba begins to get the crowd going

11am Everyone moved towards the start line and we are off, long walk for us, just hope I make it feeling like I do, determination will keep me going 😊

Hundreds of people are walking today, hundreds of stories pinned to t-shirts, sad but also inspiring.

I didn’t feel my best when we set off and did wonder if I would complete the long walk or would I give in and go for the short walk.

Another achievement this week, long memory walk ✔️

After the walk we get the tram back home, where I collapse in my chair with my cozy blanket feeling sorry for myself

Watching the evening news when on comes the Memory Walk and I spot family on TV, my grandsons think there are famous 😂 Just love them 😂💙