Diary – Crafting and Nature

Thursday 11th February 2021

Day 39 of Lockdown

Well that was a rubbish nights sleep…I have been wide awake since 3am. Things going around in my head so off into the craft room.

3 x paintings later and a little embroidery…oh and then I started a card.

Why does dementia hold on to the rubbish stuff…so it wizzes around in your head making you become anxious! It’s like being haunted by my own thoughts!

Anyway enough of bad things, let’s talk about the little Robin that I have met a couple of times on my walks around the nature reserve.

People have been asking about the ring on his leg…we to have also noticed that lots of the birds we see in Stanley Park and the Nature Reserve have rings on.

So that led me to investigate

Some birds are ringed by licensed ringers and on the ring there will be a series of 7 letters/digits which you can apparently report and get information on that particular bird.

I did have a look at the site https://bto.org/

which shows all the different rings they use and why.

The primary focus was to study bird movements, also used in population change.

It is a very interesting read.

So I have just spent I don’t know how long trying to make out the letters and digits on the Robins ring but I can only get 5, so won’t be able to trace him. I will be watching out for him next time I go to the nature reserve. I need to try and get a close up photo of the ring around his leg.

  • I can then tell if it is the same Robin
  • Where he is originally from

Who knew I could get so excited over a little bird…and it all started with a camera.

So after being slightly obsessed with this Robin…I have just noticed from inspecting last week’s photos and this weeks photos …He is the same Robin who has previously sat watching me!!

Wooo so happy right now!

I knew he was 😀

How do I know this you might ask.

I have just spent a full hour playing spot the difference, from previous photos

Photo below taken last week

Bob has a toe missing

Bellow photo from yesterday ❤️

Another beautiful bright sunny day here on the Fylde Coast.

I’m not taking the dogs for an early morning walk today, hubby is doing that job as I have the M&S shop and a card making zoom planned for this morning.

Shopping done and home by 9.15am …I don’t hang around in supermarkets.

10.55am join the zoom meeting all familiar faces this morning, we get started just after 11am with what I thought was an easy card fold, took a little bit more explaining this week than the last card fold.

Do you know what it might have taken a little longer, but every one managed a beautifull Easter Card by the end of the session.

Well done to everyone!

My brain is frazzled and I need to upload the session on to YouTube.

I am so glad I have everything prepared, it’s just a matter of pressing the upload button and I’m done.

All done, I can now go out for my walk.

Time to switch off and chill with the sounds of nature

It’s so exciting when you capture a new bird on camera, especially when you think you have missed it

A little Stonechat

This little Goldcrest blends into the tree. You can just see him on the bark of the tree

A different Robin today, they are such a friendly, cheeky little bird.

The large brown ducks are Gadwalls

Me and hubby had a lovely walk to pass the afternoon

Just wonderful seeing new things❤️

Diary – Calming Walk then Blown Away

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Day 38 of Lockdown

My morning starts around 6.30am, with the usual make a cup of tea, sit and check social media…but only a quick check as I am wanting to be out early for my walk this morning, I have a talk to give, so I need to make sure I have time to make myself comfortable, and make sure I have everything I need around me.

I don’t know where to have my walk this morning…beach…nature reserve or the park. I just can’t make my mind up…that’s just another thing my sidekick Alzheimer’s has interfered with….decision making!

Don’t give me too many options! Only creates too much thinking then too much confusion!

Keep things simple…I do still want to make decisions…or feel like I have made the decision

I do know what I like and don’t like.

It feels much better if I don’t have lots of choices, it makes it easier for my brain.

In the end I decided on the nature reserve as it’s just beautiful watching the sunrise,

So tranquil and calm when early in the morning…just the sounds of the geese flying overhead and possibly a swan or two.

Black Swans flying over this morning, just managed to capture

Photo a little blurry, as sometimes I’m just not quick enough, I do get confused with my zoom setting button and go the wrong way.

The seagull photo is slightly better but the right lighting helps too.

Just amazing watching the sky’s colours changing and hearing nature waking. It’s a whole new world ❤️

Over by the duck pond there is much more activity, as the ducks squabble as I throw them their breakfast

The swans diving for the food ” woo bottoms up”

Just love the swans they are so elegant

Not many geese around this morning and no shovel ducks

We leave the pond to cross the bridge

I was joined by this little one, who just popped out of the bushes

But the highlight of my morning walk just had to be this little Robin, whom I have named Bob.

He followed me for a good while. He was also so close to hopping on to my hand, maybe next time…I hope so ❤️

I took so many photos of Bob…these are only a handful…how can I choose a favourite!

I was sorry to leave this morning, I thanked Bob for spending time with me, left him some seed…when I looked back he was on the path watching…as if to say “don’t go”

I think he secretly wanted to come home with me!

Back home to reality and back to preparations for the Welcome Talk at 10.30am.

I think I am all prepared as I read through my talk one more time.

At 10.30am I join Zoom via the link I have been emailed, lots of new faces, a few I recognise but not very many. I suddenly feel a little nervous.

So my time has come to talk fingers crossed …my lovely friend Chris gives me a wonderful introduction and off I go.

15 – 20 minutes later I finish with one of my poems to brighten the day

I made it through the talk without any hiccups. I very much enjoyed telling my own story of my diagnosis and living with my sidekick Alzheimer’s.

We had a quick debrief and was blown away by the comments and feedback given. Saying I was an inspiration…i don’t know about that!

I’m just Me!

Trying to stay positive!

To Encourage!

Diary –

Tuesday 9th February

Day 37 of Lockdown

What a lovely start to the day…our little Westie Flick came to greet us, she was like a spring lamb, with tail wagging and a spring in her step.

Well we didn’t expect that!

So I am quite relived as I thought it was going to be a trip to the vets at 15 years old …well we won’t talk about that as Flick is back to her normal self!


So the morning is a cold frosty one brrrrr!

I’m out as for my walk as soon as it comes light enough and it’s freezing!

The beach is quiet this morning…even the sea is calm.

It is so very peaceful and quiet

We walk down the beach to Mary’s Shell

Taking a few photos along our way

When looking to my left when stepping on to the beach on a clear day we have views of Blackpool and Wales

Photo below is of Blackpool Pier

When looking to my right when stepping on to the beach on a clear day we have views of Barrow-in-furnace and the Lake district

Views out across the sea are the wind turbines in the Irish Sea and on a really clear evening you might be lucky enough to see The Isle of Man.

Can not see anything only sea this morning.

Up onto the prom.

Zoomed in with the camera for a photo of sparkly Blackpool Tower

No it’s not a flying saucer! It’s a covered seating area on the prom

Catching the last of the sunrise before making our way home

Cheeky Magpie

Blue Tits watching us from the bushes

That’s my early morning walk complete

I feel drained today as the tiredness from no sleep Sunday has started to kick in, so my early food shop took me longer that expected.

I don’t like going in the larger supermarkets not only are they full of people but confusing .

I find myself going up and down the isles and round in circles looking for things I have forgotten…it gets a little confusing.

I do get there in the end. I don’t give up easily!

Then at the checkout, they check out your shopping at super quick speed which flusters me as I can’t move that fast now and everything starts to pile up in a heap!

I would have chosen a slot online or click and collect but lots of items where out of stock. Yet inside the supermarket the shelves where stocked, so I don’t know how that works…do they want us to shop in store!

I would rather not where at all possible

But felt I had no option today!

Woo we have had quite a few helicopters flying over the last few days and caught this one with my camera yesterday

I was pretty pleased with this photo as I am normally not quick enough for moving subjects.

Had a FaceTime with my daughter and other family phone calls…been a busy old day

Oh and then it snowed! Yes snowed

That was it!

That’s our snow for this year!


Diary – Long Night

Monday 8th February 2021

Day 36 of Lockdown

Well that was a long night. Our little Westie Flick was a little poorly, so after going to bed and being worried regarding some noises she was making, I decided to cover the spare room floor in bed pads and spend the night with her .

Flick is 15 years old, so she is not a young dog and we do slightly worry.

Flick spent most of the night coughing like she was choking, so there wasn’t very much sleep happening, just a lot of trying to keep her calm and comfortable.

This morning she is sleeping…so much better than last night.

Not back to her normal self, but there is an improvement.

We will just have to see how she goes.

As for me I am running on Autopilot and extremely tired.

I do go for my early morning walk.

I just enjoyed the time with my camera as the last few days haven’t been the best for photography

The moon still awake as we step outside this morning, a little hazy but still managed to capture.

We arrive at the nature reserve

It’s not going to be a brilliant sunrise as there are far too many clouds. But it’s fine and dry and I’m out!

And then the sky turns a beautiful fiery orange

Before it disappears again behind the clouds

We make our way over to the pond to say hello to the ducks and give them some breakfast…peas and lettuce this morning. Which they all seemed to enjoy!

Then come the Canadian Geese

Had a lovely walk it was cold but thoroughly enjoyable.

Only a short blog today as the tiredness kicks in my spelling, typing and concentration rubbish.

Diary – Hurrah it’s the weekend

Friday 5th February 2021

Day 32 of Lockdown

I will start my blog today talking about my card making.

Yesterday I held my first card making craftivist zoom, which just goes to show you can learn a new craft when you have dementia!

So many professionals put us down and believe that when you have received a dementia diagnosis you can not do things anymore.

How wrong are they!

Yesterday was the first of 3 card making zooms I lead, with the help of Innovations in Dementia

Most of the people who joined the group had never made a card before …The results where amazing!

The enjoyment…The memories…The interaction between people is just Wow! Fantastic! So heart warming!

So please don’t tell us we can’t!

Well, We Bloody Well Can!!!


You can see how to make these cards by visiting YouTube

You can click the links below

Clock face Z Fold Card. https://youtu.be/c4OBmWhVFD8

Valentines/ Anniversary Card. https://youtu.be/FElLjsxOYvo

This morning I wasn’t up early enough to get my self sorted and prepare for the sunrise, as I was shattered from yesterday’s zoom and also the lack of sleep from the previous night.

I think it was about 7.10am when I woke this morning…Don’t be fooled I didn’t sleep all through the night as I did wake 2 or 3 times which is the normal for me.

I might have missed the sunrise but I was greeted by this beautiful moon

I am out walking around 8.30am…it’s a beach walk this morning with Toby & Charlie and I’m risking taking my camera, I don’t normally take the camera when I have both dogs, but this photography is getting very addictive.

So here are a few photos from my walk along the beach

Charlie loves digging

Toby always on alert

I capture a flying seagull…this is not an easy task…they move far to fast for me.

This morning was pure luck!

Mary’s Shell is always a must!

The ogre…who sits guarding our beach

Still some orange in the sky from the sunrise

It was a lovely quiet walk this morning, which was surprising as the weather was not bad at all.

On our walk back home, I spy a little blue tit in some bushes…you have to be quick to capture these little guys as the fly so quickly …darting in and out of the bushes and trees.

Back home and my morning task is to make some bird feeders to try and encourage birds into our garden.

I also have my talk to finish of for a webinar next week.

Once I get typing I loose all track of time.

I break for lunch and finish my talk about 1.30pm. Glad that’s finished!

It’s been a funny day of showers and sunshine and now we have some rather large fluffy clouds overhead…so out comes the camera

While the camera is out I spy the one legged seagull that visits from time to time

And a few other seagulls too!

Always sounds of the cawing gulls

The noises of the gulls don’t bother me…I find it quite relaxing as it comes with the sounds of the sea.

Saturday 6th February 2021

Day 33 of Lockdown

Awful nights sleep!

So everything feels hard work today.

The weather is a complete washout with rain all day…it’s never stopped

I had to take photos from the back door and through the windows

The rain has been relentless

Saturday is baking day…so a mixture of buns today

The rest of my day has been catch-up…

Recording card making

Recording my blog

Making the odd card …card making comes in so handy when you need a greeting card and the card shops are closed.

I haven’t been out of my front door today which has upset my routine and my mood…I keep checking the weather through the windows… it’s just not clearing !

Washout Saturday!

Sunday 7th February 2021

Day 35 of Lockdown

You know when you have those fed up days…which I have had a few of those recently! For me it’s the… what has my life has become moments, as I pick up all the puppy pads from the carpeted areas of our home.

I do this job every single morning and then put them all down again at night

( all 15 /20 of them) to cover the carpet

Our little Westie is incontinent so nighttime is quite a problem. We can’t let her outside every hour so I have to put lots and lots of pads down. I use bed pads as they are larger than puppy pads and they are great, serve a very good purpose in keeping our carpets accident free.

At the moment all I seem to be doing is making sure the house is clean and tidy…cooking and getting flustered…looking after the dogs…joining zoom meetings…tidying up after hubby ha! ha! Also trying to keep myself in order which can be a task in its self ha! ha!

Life just seems mundane and boring at the moment. I do try to stay positive and I know I have lots to be thankful for as I have been given some wonderful opportunities just lately..

This weather doesn’t help at the moment nor does the lockdown! So roll on summer when we will all feel better, and hopefully be able to get out and about in the beautiful sunshine…feeling the warmth on our faces. When we can look up instead of down.

I’m sat writing my blog when I see a spider crawling up my leg…I jump up to brush it off but it’s vanished. I sit back down in my chair constantly looking around to see if I can see it…there it is again crawling up my leg…now there are two. Again I jump up, brushing down my legs, turning always…left right, right left, nearly spinning around to see where they have gone, again there is nothing there.

I have had these spiders before…they are not real it my sidekick Alzheimer’s playing tricks on me! I don’t like this one! Cause I don’t like spiders!

Out for our beach walk, when one of us decides to have a swim! No it’s not me…

I forgot my swimming costume ha! ha!

It’s Toby, he just loves the water

Lots of little Turnstones on the beach today, they are really difficult to see as they blend in with the pebbles

Today we are clearing the area at the back of the house where the extension is going to be built, so me and hubby set too.

All day we have been moving things around, digging plants up and replanting …moving bulbs and putting them into planters, hope they are ok not really the best time to be moving them.

We have moved our tree that’s in the centre, because when the extension is built it will obscure the view of the garden

Photo taken last summer definitely not the weather we had today

4pm when we finished, and I am well and truly shattered.

We did get everything moved, so area cleared…result!

Time to chill, blog done…feet up!

Have a nice evening 😊

Diary – Cards and Nature

Thursday 4th February 2021

Day 31 of Lockdown

What a rubbish nights sleep, just after 12am I woke every hour on the hour.

So at 3.45am I decided to give in and get up.

I answer emails

Check social media

Make a start on my blog, not that I have much to talk about at this time in a morning.

The rain is pouring and the wind is blowing…it’s a lonely place at this time in a morning, everyone else is sleeping…well it feels that way when you look out of the window and all of the other houses are in darkness.

Only the dimly lit street lights illuminating and a very hazy moon, which can be seen peeking through the clouds.

The next time I look it’s completely gone…it’s like the moon is playing hide ‘n’ seek!

I get some dusting and polishing done and potter around the house. Before I know it Hubby is awake …6am

7.30am Me Toby and camera are on our way to the Nature Reserve to see if we can catch the sunrise…doesn’t look too promising though

When we arrive, we are greeted with a beautifully coloured sky

And there are more

We can hear the geese in the distance setting off on their travels

Lots of Canadian Geese on the marshes down the Wyre estuary, flying over head and taking over the ponds this morning

I had put some washing in the washing machine before I set of for the nature reserve, on my return it had finished. Only to be faced with a snowstorm when I opened the door!

Tissues! Yes Tissues! I hate them!

I have notices all over the washing machine…check pockets for tissues! Still I forget!

It is me that uses tissues…so it’s my fault!

I am so angry with myself right now!!!

10.50am time for my card making sessions.

First session this morning and we are making a Valentines Card and a Birthday Card.

Everyone made excellent cards!

We had a good laugh… a good old natter as, we made cards together.

What a lovely morning!

After lunch I decide to go to the park with my camera…the weather is fine so I am taking the opportunity to get out while I can.

Time to unwind listening to the sound of birds.

This little Robin was very vocal today

Mr Parakeet was too

So many little birds around today

Black Bird

Pair of Blue Tits

Great Tit

Cormorant looking very proud

Song Thrush

Tufty the squirrel…not a bird but in a tree ha! ha!

Elegant Swan

Just a wonderful couple of hours spent outdoors with nature ❤️

Diary – Lockdown and Weather

Wednesday 3rd February

Day 30 of Lockdown

Today will be a day with no zooming.

I need to have a day off from computers and zoom…give my head and eyes a rest.

I have very mixed feelings this morning regarding zoom and how the organisers of some of the meetings…conferences…groups, bring these meetings together. When you look at things from the bigger picture… some zooms are definitely not dementia friendly!

  • Time scales
  • Bright lights from the screen as it flickers, changing colours as people change around the screen in the little boxes
  • Background noises from the unmuted participants

Anger and frustration I can hear in peoples voices regarding the subject of Dementia

Negativity and positivity…disappointment…enjoyment… senses are high.

All leaving me with a strange sadness when finishing and no one in sight.

I have felt like this before.

Will I never learn!

Today is a new day a day of no zooms but yet my head finds it difficult to shut off from my feelings…

I don’t think the weather helps as it grey and wet again!

Our walk this morning was a total washout…soaked through to my skin.

I look through some of my photos from the last few days…the bright sunrise

Such a warming photo …how I long for the warm sunny days.

I struggle now with what to write…as my days become less hectic and the weather and Covid restricts me to where I can go and what I can actually do.

The lockdown restrictions …weather are certainly hindering my thoughts and movements today.

I was hoping for the weather would clear but that wasn’t to be today, so no camera time for me. Instead I cleaned out the greenhouse.

Took a photo of the resident seagulls

Even roof spikes don’t stop these fellas!

Diary – What a grey day!

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Day 29 of Lockdown

I can’t believe we are in February, where has January gone!

I won’t be out with my camera today…it is very wet and windy! I am just contemplating walking the dogs. It’s 8am do I go now or waiting to see if the rain eases.

I brave the weather…head down and we set off into the wind and drizzle.

The rain has eased but it’s a very fine drizzle which is icy cold, the wind is biting at my face…the only part of me that is bared to the elements. I don’t think I’m going to enjoy my walk this morning.

We reach the beach and to my surprise where have all the pebbles gone! The beach at Rossall is normally covered in pebbles…it’s well known for being a pebble Beach! Where are the pebbles? very strange!

Had to use my phone for Photos today

Rossall beach with no pebbles

Rossall beach a couple of days ago

So who has taken all our pebbles!!

It seems lots of people have opened the curtains to snow this morning…not here! This is our snow

My head is feeling a little heavy as a headache is starting to creep in or is it the fog!

I am checking and double checking zoom links and emails regarding the Welsh International Dementia Conference.

I always worry now, that I may have missed things or got the wrong time date etc

I bring the email up on my computer screen with the link I need to join the conference at 12.30…this way I am not searching for the link when it is time to join.

On my iPad I open the other link I need to join at 11.30am…I am having difficulty with this link, I can’t open! I don’t panic as it is optional to join . So fingers crossed for the main event.

I read through my pieces just to familiarise myself with text and pace, yes I’m happy.

12.30pm on the dot I join the zoom link without any problems, there are some familiar faces which puts me at ease.

I listen for awhile then take a break, as zooming is intense and puts a real strain on my head, eyes even my ears, especially when you have the odd strange background noise that occasionally creeps in.

My head is not at its best today and I don’t think the shingles pain is helping any either.

One thing with me …if I say I will do something, I always do it, no matter how I am feeling…I hate letting people down!

At 2.20 message on the screen with a link to join the Conwy room – Time and Place A unique intergenerational poetry project for people with dementia during covid.

I was looking forward as was the many others from the project. Unfortunately our sessions came to an abrupt halt as the room closed and some of our poems could not be read or heard. We had been thrown out, as they say.

Extremely disappointing as most of us had made ourselves available for 3 hours, which in the world of zoom and dementia means overload…well it does for me.

So a very disappointing afternoon

I now felt the need to just get out for a walk even though the weather still rubbish, I just needed to clear my head and de stress. I needed to use my camera!!

So a walk round a small local park…not much inspiration for me and my camera. But at least I got to use my camera ❤️

It has been a very grey day today inside and out!

Diary – Early morning photos

Monday 1st February 2021

Day 28 of Lockdown

I wake this morning around 6:45 am…get myself organised as I want to be off early this morning, I feel the need to see the Sun rising. I get all my things together my camera, my food for the birds, my food for the ducks, Toby’s lead, my coat, my gloves. Everything put in one place in the kitchen… not going to miss the sunrise this morning!

I make a cup of tea…I don’t sit checking social media this morning

When I start to delve into the social media world, that’s when I lose all track of time and before I know it it will be 8 o’clock or later.

There is a definite chill in the air this morning and there is frost on the ground but it’s not slippy underfoot which I’m glad of, me Toby and camera head off to the nature reserve that’s the best spot locally to see the Sun rising. I have been a little clever today as I have taken a leather belt with me, so I put the leather belt around the waist of my coat and thread Tobys lead onto it…This way I have two hands-free for taking photos and feeding the birds and ducks.

I’m quite pleased with my little self on my new invention…my hands are free… I don’t have to worry about letting go of Toby’s lead and him running off chasing other dogs. My idea works well, I am able to point the camera at my subjects and click away without worrying about Toby.

I spend over an hour just taking photos looking at the world through that that little black box …it’s wonderful …it’s relaxing …it’s just another world and it takes my mind off the pain from shingles

Here are just a few of my my photos below

I couldn’t post them all there was far too many.

The moon greeting me when I opened the door early this morning

Arrival at the nature reserve, the sky is now changing to a beautiful orange

The orange colours get deeper as the sun is rising

Deeper and deeper then the brightness of the sun makes an appearance

Now a fiery red hot glow

Just calming and wonderful to stand and watch

The noise of the geese flying overhead

The duck quacking at the back of me in their pond

We walk across the bridge to the other pond where seagulls are bathing and squabbling

Such a wonderful peaceful place to walk.

We make our way back to the car past the last pond where a couple of swans are preening

Today I’m taking things easy, shingles has affected my energy level.

I join a zoom just before lunch…was so nice to catch up and have a laugh… some people I hadn’t seen for a while.

I was getting a little uncomfortable towards the end of the zoom and tired.

Lunch and rest for a while

I spent a short time in the garden late afternoon…the weather has been so nice today, I just want to be outside. So I did a little weeding

Then tired again.

Diary – Weekend and Plenty of Photos

Friday 28th January 2021

Day 25 of Lockdown

Having a creative outlet is an essential part of our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Having projects or hobbies to work on gives us a sense of purpose.

People who consider themselves to be creative say how their work makes them feel…brings happiness.

I have been saying all through the lockdown that a craft can make you feel so much better

Researchers are finding that creativity can have affects on the brain and body. Leading to benefits like increased mood, decreased anxiety, heightened cognitive function, reduced risk of chronic illnesses and improved immune health.

One of the most noticeable benefits of having a craft is that it’s a way to elevate mood. “it makes us feel good” doing something that you enjoy can be fulfilling and uplifting. It’s something you can turn to if you’ve had a bad day and use as a release …a way of expressing yourself. It’s yours and it creates a positive self-identity.

Whatever your art / craft, whether it be writing, music or painting, you can develop a skill over time, which is an important for your self-esteem.

Being creative can be healing for those who have anxiety or depression, writing helps work out your thoughts.

Other creative options like painting allows you to use storytelling and imagery as a way to process thoughts and feelings

Being creative is good for our brain function and cognitive health.

I love my craft room it’s my sanctuary…my safe place

I also love my camera as well as it gets me out and in away it’s like crafting…I am creating a beautiful photo…a memory to save forever

I wake just after 7am with all good intentions of cleaning, getting my jobs done and then going out with my camera, this morning that didn’t happen. I got held up for a full hour trying to get through to my GP’s surgery…when I did get through they told me to go out to a pharmacy that has a consultation room, they would possibly be able to help, if not ring them back Monday. So that was a waste of an hour!

I start the cleaning getting very distracted along the way and before I know it it’s 12.30pm.

Today I hate my sidekick Alzheimer’s whom is slowing me down somewhat now.

Eventually mid afternoon I get out with my camera for a walk around the park.

Photo below is a Cormorant spreads his wings

Tufty the squirrel

This seagull is spitting feathers!

Today I feel alone! Alone with Alzheimer’s!

Today It feels like the only people that understand my dementia is me!

Saturday 30th January 2021

Day 26 of Lockdown

Another vivid dream last night which is now in my head this morning…so that will be jumping in and out of my head all day no doubt!

As my sleep pattern changes all the time…This week I have been waking every 2-3 hours during the night but my waking up time has become later in the morning anything between 7am – 8am.

Over the last week or so I haven’t felt my best…last week I thought I was starting with a bad back as I kept getting shooting pains in the middle area of my back.

Now I have a rash appearing but my GP is so busy he can’t see me for a good few days, so the receptionist advise me to find a pharmacy with a consultation room… but don’t know where to go or if I should bother! I hate wasting people’s time.

Late morning after daughter told me to go and be checked out. I set off to Morrison’s pharmacy as they have a consultation room, but when I get there they can’t use the consultation room because of the small room size and covid rules / restrictions!

So I have to uncover my back in view of some of the nearby shoppers. The pharmacist confirmed shingles. They can’t give me anything without a prescription, so now Back home to make a doctors appointment. This is a very long winded way to get a doctors appointment.

Appointment made but only telephone consultation available…at least it’s for Monday am so not too long to wait.

Saturday is baking day and a distraction from the uncomfortable shingles.

Today flapjacks and brownies, I remembered all ingredients, not like last week when I forgot to put cherries in the cherry scones!

After baking it’s time to record my blog for Deepness Dementia Radio.

It’s been a stay indoors day as it is so cold and windy, plus I am not feeling 100% I’m feeling a little drained and tired…so it’s a take it easy day for me today.

Sunday 31st January 2021

Day 27 of Lockdown

Usual sort of nights sleep waking a couple of times, this morning I did wake at 6.30am which is earlier than previous morning.

I can remember dreaming something but unsure what …I was angry… thrashing my legs about…I think that’s what woke me from my sleep but the dream is unclear.

It’s a chilly one out side, but I need to keeping busy to take my mind of the shingles.…I’m out with my camera snap, snap, snapping away…my fingers are nearly dropping off with the cold…I think they have frozen to the camera ha! ha!

Just a few favourite photos from my day

My best pal Toby

Mary’s Shell…in the rolling waves

As the tide rolls in

Hold on don’t let go!

Mr and Mrs Duck

Such a handsome duck



Snowdrop …spring is on its way!

Mrs pigeon satin her nest

Fleetwood Memorial Park

Lovely just to be outside❤️