Diary – Relax

Friday 10th July 2020

What has happened to the weather? We have had a good few weeks now of very unsettled weather here on the Fylde Coast with strong winds and rain.

I wake this morning to the sound of the wind swirling around the outside of the house and I look at my hanging baskets swaying and wonder if I am going to have to bring them around the back of the house to a more sheltered position yet again.

I’ve cancelled the Mindfulness course. I did the taster session on Monday and found it quite hard. I remembered I had done one of these courses years ago and had trouble relaxing and found my own way.

Me and Relax just don’t come together well and I know I should possibly try harder but it actually makes me feel more tense trying to relax …so after careful consideration I decided to opt out before the course actually starts, that way if there is anyone else that is interested they can take my place before the course starts on Monday.

My way of dealing with stress is to clean and has been for years…I just go into another world while I’m cleaning it’s as if I am sorting my mind out, rearranging things and putting things back as they should be. When I have finished I’m calmer and I can sit and relax…well for a short while.

Walking and crafting are other forms of relaxation…I’m definitely a doing person rather than a sitting person if that makes any sense

I was lucky enough to be selected for the Mindfulness course but also mindful that I could be taking a space of someone who would benefit and would give 100% commitment over the coming weeks and I do hope that the course is a success as Julia is such a lovely person.

Toby is now eyeballing me as it’s 6.50am and he knows around 7am we should be going for a walk…so I better sort myself out and get dressed.

We have a good walk as I have no Zoom meetings today, so I have all day to myself. I do have a few jobs I need to catch up on, then the garden I think as the weather is clearing and looks like it could be a lovely day…the sun is trying to make an appearance .

I have decided that tissues should be banned or made from a material that doesn’t breakdown in my washing machine and end up like white confetti all over the dark wash🙈😡

I so need a strategy!

I always forget to check my pockets before putting them in the washing machine!

It’s horrendous when you open the washing machine door and it’s a tissue explosion of white confetti all over your dark wash…it’s the head in hands moment. Then the big shake and clean, which takes longer than the wash itself!

Never mind all tissue cleaned up…at least it is only tissue!

I have now made notices for the washer door and on top of the washing powder storage box, so we will have to see if that works.

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