Diary – Dementia Connections

Friday 4th November 2022

Just a quick blog today

A few weeks ago, I may have mentioned that I had a few projects ongoing.

I receive an email Monday / Tuesday of this week to confirm the article I wrote in October has been published and is now live

If you would like to read the article for Dementia Connections, please click anywhere on the link below. This should take you directly to the page and other pages you may wish to read


2 thoughts on “Diary – Dementia Connections

  1. This is a great article Gail. You put into words exactly what I fear would happen if I was ever to be diagnosed with dementia – you immediately get switched in peoples’ minds from Mum/Gran/ wife/ etc to a person with no personality, someone with dementia, not myself.
    Anyway, a great article and your craft and photos are so good. What you achieve is very encouraging.
    Keep fighting the fog!

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