Diary – Is it Lack of Support or Lack of Understanding

Wednesday 9th November 2022

When a family is faced with a dementia diagnosis, it is the whole family that is affected, not just the person with dementia.

Throughout my 3+ year journey I have come across many hurdles, hit a few brick walls, but nothing or no one can prepare you for the changes in the dynamics of your relationship with your partner, wife or husband.

You never imagine for one moment that the person you married would change into someone completely different.

I know I have changed, I can feel it inside.

One day we do get a glimpse of the old Gail the original Gail, the one whom would be the life and soul of any party.

No one prepares you!

Whom is there for support ?

Whom is there to answer questions on relationships ?

To explain the changes that we may encounter in this new chapter.

Whom is there when one or both of us needs to off load?

You might just have a small query, or just need to talk to someone.

Then again, would any of us reach out for couples help… It all comes down too, if we would want to discuss our private life by bringing a stranger into our personal space.

I’m going to be personally honest, sometimes I think I would be better off on my own, unburdening my hubby from the future that lies ahead.

I often wonder if I would cope better alone. 🤔

I wouldn’t have to constantly watch what I was doing, or cover up the mistakes I make.

I wouldn’t be a burden to hubby.

Im often left feeling guilty for Dementia coming into our lives.

There are so many changes to overcome when dementia creeps in to a relationship.

Dementia slowly steels pieces of the person, changes personalities and definitely mixes things up!

One thought on “Diary – Is it Lack of Support or Lack of Understanding

  1. I hear you Gail. I know I have changed, I can’t remember much of who I use to be. I too think I would be better alone and I hate that dementia has come between us and what she has to put up with and take more on that I can’t do anymore. I do feel guilty but mostly just sad. You hang in there.

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